H&G Claims Consultants is an independent adjusting
company, there’s three of us, and we provide adjusting services on property damage claims for insurance carriers. We do work for about three or four independent
adjusting companies and their first question that they ask is “How quick can you turn your
estimates around, from the time that they’re inspected until you can get a completed estimate
and report to us?” I’ve found that the quicker you are able to do that the more assignments
you receive. The conditions in West Palm Beach following
Isaac were there was a lot of water and there was a lot of damage to homes on east elevations
from wind driven rain from the storm. Palm Beach County I think got hit hardest
from listening to the media. And some of the claims that we went on, you actually weren’t
even able to get to the dwelling because the areas were flooded. The biggest challenge
was the influx of the amount of claims that we needed to handle in a short period of time.
And that again is where XactScope was just awesome with timing. It was pretty easy for us to adjust with XactScope
because I find it is very very user friendly, and I am an iPhone user so it was a pretty
easy transition. Before Xactscope, I would obviously manually
sketch the losses. When it comes time to do the estimate, you have to put your drawing
into Xactimate. Well, XactScope has eliminated that time. You’re basically really doing it
live, and you’re cutting out your office time, which is letting you get it out quicker, and
keeping the carriers happy with the timing that they’re looking for. So, we would be doing, you know, seven or
eight inspections a day at the peak of Tropical Storm Isaac. So again, it was all about being
able to take on more claims because we had less office time. XactScope let us do more of the work out in
the field. So, as far as I’m concerned, it cuts your time in half with the sketch
process. The most gratifying work to me as a claims
adjuster is helping people that are going through a traumatic loss. Helping them through
it and letting them know that there’s some light at the other side of the tunnel. The policyholders liked when we brought XactScope.
They liked the fact that they saw us doing it electronically. Most people understand
that things get processed a lot quicker when they’re electronic versus paper. Most people
recognized that, and they were very pleased to see it being used. H&G’s experience with XactScope has been excellent,
and we’re looking forward to working with it for many years to come.