rev up your engines
what do you think of that new 2020 Corvette Stingray with the mid-engine
realize that there was a Belgian engineer of Russian descent called Zora
and he started the idea and now they have a mid-engine Corvette now they say it’s
gonna less than under $60,000 and it has a mid-engine v8 engine that puts out 495
horsepower so it’s got a reasonable amount of power of course it’s nothing
compared to the Hellcat engine that’s pushing 800 horsepower it’s competing
more with the mid-engine European sports cars now the first that came out in
the 1950s had a straight six cylinder engine and it only put out a
little over a hundred horsepower it didn’t have that much horsepower matter
of fact people you even said it was underpowered and quickly they put a v8
engine head toward this new one really has nothing to do with the old stingray
then we’re talking a mid-engine car it’s a very interesting design but what you
got to realize this this is a first-year model they made they just came out with
them never ever buy a first-year model car you have no idea what kind of flaws
are at and knowing GM there’s gonna be some flaws in it for the purists they’re
not even a button you have a standard transmission there’s gonna be no
standard transmission only on automatic transmissions you get those paddles
shifter things on but they’re only gonna be automatic transmissions and there’s a
lot of hype coming out with it to GM just said that oh they’ve already sold
them all out but they won’t give a how many they sold they’re not so not giving
out what their production is gonna be in 2020 how many of they’re gonna make
they’re not giving any information out so to me there’s a lot of PT Barnum hype
being thrown out on this thing that they’re not giving straight figures yet
so you know nobody knows I’m sure they’d be fun to drive around for a vehicle
that’ll be zippy like that under 60 grand you know you’re not gonna fight
too many mid-engine cars and their price range but Scotty me I wouldn’t touch
one of those things until they been around while and you see how they hold up and
what flaws they have and of course you can always get them cheaper used when they
get older too I mean I got a customer that bought one of those fancy Teslas the
model s and some sucker paid a hundred and twenty five grand for the car he
bought it used and it only had fifteen thousand miles on he bought it for forty
five thousand dollars so that was like one third practically what the original
owner paid for the car so if you’re smart like me wait a while on stuff
don’t jump on the bandwagon and get caught up with all this hoopla I’m sure
they’re gonna be charging premiums at dealers to sell them to people it’s an
image thing too, but I’d wait myself I would just wait, universal associates says
Scotty is it true you can protect your car from being hacked by wrapping your
key fob in aluminum foil an article on USA Today said so well it’s a lot more
complicated than that here is the kicker if you have say one
of these fobs that you push the button and an unlocked your car’s door you
can’t cover it with aluminum foil or won’t unlock your door it’s got to be over the
broadcast and if someone is sneaking off to be following you around and having a
receiver and they can receive that signal that bounced into your car then
they’re gonna be able to steal your car they’ll be able to get into your car and
then they can if they have a blank key they can program the key to make your
car start so I don’t think that’s gonna stop anything if you’re talking about
one that you physically opened with a key later you put it in the car and turn
it yes you could do that cuz it has to unlock the door which they’re
not gonna be able to do but if you got one
that unlocks and you can’t put foil around it it won’t work so yeah a lot of
these articles people give her a bunch of junk they don’t know what they’re
talking about don’t even understand half the system’s that they’re talking about
but people can steal cars with the keyless ignition systems a lot easier if
they’re pros you know most people are gonna steal a regular car they’re gonna
be going after you know fancy Lexus Mercedes whatever they’re not gonna do
stealing your Toyota odds are they gonna follow you around to steal your Toyota
raymond says I’d like to buy a used truck for five to seven grand any truck as
good as long as a reliable what do you recommend well if
you can find a Toyota Tacoma and that price range get a Toyota Tacoma those
things can run forever they’re very hard to find good use though because most
people have them to drive them forever because that’s what they want they got
it they don’t break so they keep driving it around if you can’t find that look
for either a F150 or a Ford Ranger that doesn’t have too many miles there’s
lots of them out there too if you’re getting at an f-150 you really you gotta
get a v8 engine they’re much better truck so you do that get a v8 with the
Ranger yeah you can even get the four-cylinder engine and I was there
okay, flad says is Fiat the best no the only good Fiat is one that
somebody else owns that you don’t have to pay for
fixing it when it breaks down, when I was young they sold Fiats the United States
and everybody called them fix it again Tony because they’re always
breaking then they brought them back a few years ago and Fiat by Chrysler and
now Fiats even talking about leaving the American market they’ll still be selling
the Chrysler’s and Chrysler’s that have Fiat engines and transmissions that have
Chrysler names but the actual brand of Fiat is selling so poorly in the United
States they’re talking about just pulling out again they make such garbage
don’t buy one if you value your money, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell