I’ve worked with other insurers before, and I really really believe
that it starts from within. It starts from how we treat our own staff, how we treat each other. And I think that translates
to how we treat our customers. I think MetLife’s
the most caring insurer just because of the choice
that we offer to our members. Our members can initiate a claim online, in the comfort of their
own home electronically, or like a lot of the members do, they opt to speak with
someone over the phone. So that they can have questions answered in real time. They take great solace
in knowing the fact that the person they’re speaking
to is in the same state. So it’s a bit easier to
build that connection and rapport, and ultimately I think that makes a better customer experience. We have an internal website where we’re encouraged to give praise, give thanks to other
people in the organisation who help us, which is great. But what’s even better is that the CEO and senior leaders will
go in and comment daily and recognise the good
work that’s been done. And for me, that shows how much they actually care about their staff. Our underwriting philosophy is very much about engaging with the customer and understanding their
own experience and history. It’s very easy for people to
just write medical reports or just obtain information
from the doctor, but you don’t really
understand the nuances from reading a very large medical file. Our philosophy is very
much getting on the phone, talking with the customer,
asking them about their history and their health. Getting a real sense of the individual, rather than seeing them
as just like a number. I think claim time is
the most significant time for any insurance company, because it tests your mettle, it shows whether or not you’re a genuine insurer that’s really there to pay claims. And if you don’t measure
up, you’re out essentially. I sit in the Melbourne office, along with the claims assessors, we look after group, corporate, as well as retail now. And being on the road a lot of the time, when I am in the office, what strikes me is that the claims
offices deal with clients on a day-to-day basis with genuine empathy and care. I overhear a few conversations,
and hand on heart, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my family to get a MetLife insurance policy. Because I know for a fact that these individuals genuinely
care about our clients.