Hey Lauren’s working today so I thought it
would be a great opportunity to share something with you that she could never
understand a love of mine that if she knew its depth
would only make her jealous internet I would like you to meet Herb
my 2011 Honda PCX 125 many of you have asket questions about why I Drive a
scooter as my primary mode of transportation things like does it save money
what about safety and what about the weather and that’s exactly what we’re going to
talk about today you might be wondering why I named him Herb instead of a sexy stripper name like Heidi or Haley
or something like that and that’s because scooting isn’t that sexy and we’re okay with that
scooting says a lot about you it says I enjoy the journey not the destination
and I’m comfortable with who I am or I got a DUI which I didn’t but a
lot of scooter drivers have got DUI’s the first thought is
probably can’t I get all the benefits of driving a scooter and maintain my self-respect by just
driving a motorcycle and I thought that myself in fact over my lifetime I’ve probably
owned 25 motorcycles and you don’t have to convince me of the
feeling of raw power and control that 100 horsepower has between your legs
in fact my last motorcycle before i bought the scooter was a turbocharged Harley Davidson with an estimated 125 horsepower thats seven more horsepower
than the Honda Fit Herb on the other hand has about 11.7 ponies in the stable and he has a top speed of 55 miles per hour
with a really good tail wind so what makes scoot life so
special well simply put scooters are just more practical than
motorcycles I remember when I had my Harley it would take me two to three
minutes just to get started in the morning my
scooter on the other hand starts cold with a single flcik of the switch and although it doesn’t make a statement
going down the road like my Harley with pipes did I show up to my destinations not
smelling like gas and exhaust this benefit should not be overlooked
smelling like gas and exhaust really gets annoying next up is
maneuverability my scooter weighs 278 pounds I can pull it out in the shed with a cup coffee in one hand my Harley on
the other hand weighted 650 pounds and required a rolling start just to get
over small bumps in the driveway herb has 25 liters of storage under the
seat if can believe it which is enough for a
full size helmet some rachet straps spare brake pads glasses gloves
and a backpack full gym clothes or four grocery bags not to mention a
compartment on the dash for your wallet sunglasses and phone on a motorcycle you’ll be
lucky if you find enough storage for an insurance card and your registration and last but not least are the savings
now it’s not hard to imagine that driving a scooter over car could save you hundreds
of dollars per month but what about scooter over motorcycle
well the savings actually are pretty measurable as far as fuel economy most motorcycles
average between 30 and 60 miles per gallon whereas Honda estimates this bad boy gets
a 110 miles to the gallon I’ve actually seen closer to 97 or 98
miles per gallon not to mention the tires are cheaper there’s no chain to
replace and if you do have to work on the engine there’s a single liquid cooled cylinder
as far as up-front costs you can expect to spend a thousand to two thousand dollars
for a quality used brand name scooter and that’s what I
recommend I would take a well-used Italian or Japanese brand scooter over the Chinese and Taiwanese
knock-offs every single day the week so that means stick with Vespa, Honda, Suzuki or Yamaha well that covers the
benefits but surely there some concerns about safety in weather so it’s true that you don’t have a
thirty five hundred-pound cage traveling around with you to protect you
from accidents or anything really ugh I just got pooped on on my scooter and
I’m not gonna lie there is an associated risk with driving a scooter and I’m very
aware of that in fact your actually 30 times more likely to die in
a motorcycle accident than a car accident that’s not something
to just gloss over but there are a few things you can do
that lower your risk first is I always wear a helmet and
that reduces the risk of death by 37 percent and reduces the risk of brain injury by 67
percent second I use all that knowledge to make myself more aware of my
surroundings when I Drive and for me this just keeps me alert and
kinda aware of what’s going on and I’m constantly just thinking this car going to come over at me and I
need to be prepared for that then there’s the weather and surprisingly this has not been an
issue for me even though I live in a very wet climate there have only been a handful of times where I’ve
been caught in the rain and I’ve either just been coming out in a place where I can
just hang out for a few minutes and wait for it to pass or I just get wet usually I’m on my way
home in changing isn’t a big deal but when we were in Europe I noticed
that every one drove scooters there and the snow is no problem for them they
actually had these little things that covered their handlebars down to the front
fairing that were almost like snow pants for their scooters and it kept all the
snow in the wind off their body that’s about it as you can tell I really
recommend a scooter if it’s something you’re thinking about and you know Herb I have a very bright
future together I’m not gonna lie that there are some
days where I miss being able to stretch out over you know American Iron like my old Harley but as they say personality is what makes
you sexy and Herb’s got a lot of that so thanks for watching
guys we will see you on Sunday bye!