(intro music) (Perrysburg, Ohio) (What type of auto insurance should I have in the state of Ohio?) Hi, Mike Bruno. The question is what kind of insurance do I need in the state of Ohio? Well if your driving a car the law says you have to have automobile insurance and if I’m driving a car I want to make sure I have liability insurance. That protects you in
the case you make a mistake and someone sues you. You better get pretty decent coverage too. The minimum state limits are $12,500 but if someone’s in the hospital for more than one day there goes the $12,500 so purchase as much as you can afford on a liability coverage. Also get something called medical
payments coverage which allows medical bills to be paid regardless of who’s at fault. Finally, look for uninsured motorist coverage. You’re gonna have to ask your agent for these coverages. Uninsured motorist coverage protects you if you’re hit by someone whose not insured at the time of the accident. I guess one more thing if you purchased a brand
new car and have a loan on that car and have or a leased vehicle you may want to look into purchasing something called gap insurance. If you get into an accident soon after you drive off the lot it will protect you against the appreciation loss.