Today’s question is: “What is the role of
a nurse case manager in a worker’s compensation case?” Michelle, I’ve heard that in almost
all cases they’ll be a nurse case manager assigned to the claim, for an employee who’s
made a claim. What’s the role of the nurse case manager? The first thing is what is her
motivation? and what is her role in the, I guess you could follow the money. Who is paying
her? And it’s not the injured worker and it’s not the doctor, it is the insurance company
who is paying the nurse case manager. So her role in, blunt terms, is to be a spy and to
help promote and save money to, who is constantly giving her these cases and feeding her family,
and who that is is the insurance adjuster. She’s trying to help the insurance adjuster
convince the doctor to release the full duty or release some form of light duty, or that
you don’t need an MRI or you don’t need this surgery. So do you have any advice on how
the employee should actually interact with the nurse case manager? Most definitely, the
biggest thing is that they actually go into the appointment so that you have no privacy
with your doctor and my first recommendation is that is not a legal right, and people don’t
know that. So, ask them not to be there during the examination period but they do come in
during the consultation period. That way you have that private time to have that relationship
with your doctor so that if you and your doctor are on the same page, you’re protected.Today’s
guest has been Virginia Workers’ Compensation attorney Michele Lewane. Michelle is the author
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