Everyone would like to imagine a future
with perfect health. But the right time to plan
for the unexpected is when you’re healthy, because once you become ill, your options are limited. Critical illness insurance
is designed to help pay costs associated
with life-altering illnesses. Simply put,
it provides additional funds if you become seriously ill, so you can focus on your health
and not your finances. If you are diagnosed
with one of the illnesses covered by your policy, after a set time period, you’ll receive a one-time
lump-sum cash payment. So ask yourself, do your other insurance
policies, like life, group health,
or disability plans, offer adequate coverage? Would your retirement goals
still be met if you had to take out,
say, $50,000 for medical expenses? Can you afford
to take on the costs associated with
being critically ill? Things like loss of income, travel to and from treatment, and home care costs. Critical illness insurance
can help with those
additional costs that come up. Chances are you know someone who’s been affected
by serious health issues. Critical illness insurance will provide you
with the peace of mind of knowing
you’re financially protected in case it happens to you, and will allow you to focus 100%
on your own recovery. Find more tips and tools
at sunlife.ca. Life’s brighter under the sun.