Accidents happen in life – and sometimes,
they can have financial consequences if you’re held liable. That’s why you may want to consider
a personal umbrella policy, or PUP. A PUP may offer liability protection
in a situation resulting in injury to someone else or damage to their property in cases
where the damage exceeds the limits on your homeowners or auto insurance policy. This
can potentially help you protect your assets, such as your home, savings and even future
earnings When may a PUP come in handy? Here are
a few examples: Suppose you’re found at fault for a car
accident that injures another person and their medical bills total more than your auto liability
limits. Imagine you rent a boat on vacation and
it’s damaged in a wreck. Let’s say you post a negative online
review and you’re sued for alleged defamation. If you’re legally obligated to pay for
damages, a PUP may help in situations such as these. Umbrella policies typically offer
at least $1 million in liability protection. Of course, you don’t expect something
like this to happen to you. But accidents do happen, and having a PUP can give you peace
of mind — just in case. Talk to your insurance agent today to
help understand how you may benefit from a personal umbrella policy.