Today’s question is: “If the insurance company
is paying you benefits, do you still have to do something within two years?” Michelle,
if a worker or employee is already getting some benefits from the employer or the workers’
compensation insurance, do they still have to do something specific within two years?
Most definitely. If they do not file their claim within two years, and that’s the claim
for benefits form that you can get from my book or get from my website or from the insurance,
the Virginia workers’ comp commissions website, within two years, then their benefits get
cut off. It’s a trick of the insurance company to voluntarily pay medical benefits, voluntarily
pay lost wages and then all of a sudden two years is over so their benefits are being
cut off and they don’t know why. So somebody who is getting paid could actually talk to
you for free to find out what their rights are, figure out what they actually need to
hire you, is that right? Exactly. Today’s guest has been Virginia Workers’ Compensation
attorney Michele Lewane. Michelle is the author of the Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation
Cases in Virginia. We’ve arranged for you to be able to get that book free by using
the number or the website you see on the screen. Again, thanks for watching