Hi. This is D.J. Banovitz,
Colorado personal injury and accident trial lawyer,
practicing in Denver, Colorado. And today I want to talk to you
about an interesting case I just had. Now, this case came to me
by referral of another lawyer. And, the case was referred to me
because the insurance company didn’t want to pay what was fair
for that individual. In this particular case, it involved a
backseat passenger in a car that sustained serious and permanent
injuries to his shoulder. Now the insurance company didn’t
believe the nature and extent of this young man’s injuries and
weren’t willing to pay fair value. So, we filed a lawsuit.
And what happened in the lawsuit is even though we were able to
demonstrate – with this young man’s doctors – that all his
injuries were related to the lawsuit and that his reason,
and his medical bills were reasonable and related to the
auto accident, the insurance company still refused to pay. So
what happened? We went to trial. And what was the result of that
case? Well, the result of that case was the jury verdict
disagreed with the insurance company’s position and sided
with the young man I was representing, and came back with
a jury verdict that was more than 6 times the amount the
insurance company was offering. Why am I telling you this?
Because it’s important to have a personal injury trial lawyer
representing you in your case, rather than a settlement lawyer.
It’s a misconception that all lawyers go to trial. In order to
get the maximum value for your case, you need to have a lawyer
that is ready, willing, and able to go to trial and do what it
takes to get the maximum value for your case. Now, if you’re
watching this because you’ve been involved in an accident,
you need to pickup the phone and call me, D.J. Banovitz, at
303-300-5060 or email me [email protected]
because I represent people and handle these types of cases
every day. And I have the honest answers to your questions.
Thanks for watching!