(loud banging) (upbeat, thumping music) – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, time out. I know what you’re thinking. James is such a sick driver. Well even though I could probably do a 180 under a semi-truck if I really tried, I’m not the one driving that G70. That would be this dude:
legendary legend and super, super practically brother personal
friend of mine Tanner Foust. – Yo, Tann, nice angle
dude, way to hang it out. That’s how we talk to each other. – Right at this moment, Tanner
is squeezing a 15.3 foot Genesis through a 22 foot
gap, balancing the throttle, brake, and the craziest
part is he’s gotta do this on command the exact same way every time. – Feels lucky when it works. – It’s one of the hardest
jobs in the world, and I’m about to tell you
exactly how he does it. We’re gonna get you up to
speed on drifting a Genesis bumper to bumper through the
wheelhouse of a semi-truck. This is one of the coolest
things we’ve ever done. (upbeat, thumping music) We’re gonna explain step-by-step
how to do this stunt, but first, let me explain how we got here. I love The Fast and The Furious. When that first movie came out, it was a landmark moment
from the very first scene. I saw it in the theaters
the weekend it opened. There I was, 15 years old, sitting between Chase Malone and Ross Leekites. All of the sudden three
blacked-out imports with buzzing exhausts blow off valves and
big wigs shot into frame. I had never seen that before. The kind of cars that
me and my friends liked, the kind of cars from the magazines, were in a movie now, what, oh no. Guys, the lane is closing up ahead. What’s he gonna do, oh my god. He just drove under a semi-truck. He just drove under a
semi-truck, did you see that? We dreamt of owning those
cars, but even more than that, we dreamt of pulling off those stunts. Which brings us to Genesis, present-day. A while back, they hit us
up and asked us if we had any big ideas for the
release of their new G70, and we were like yeah, Up To Speed, easy. And they were like uh
guys, we said big ideas. That show obviously
costs a dollar to make. And we were like oh, there’s money. Can we drive one of your
cars under a semi-truck like they did in The Fast and The Furious? And they were like yes. We were not expecting that. And now we had to figure out how to drive a car under a semi-truck. (upbeat, jazzy music) Luckily, Donut is homies with some of the most talented people on the planet. We knew exactly who to
call: creative mastermind, co-founder of Donut,
director of everything, Ben Conrad, boom, on board. We’re gonna do a video on
Ben later in this series. I work here, this is my
desk, this is his desk. Next guy we hired: Robert
Nagle, the number one car stunt coordinator in Hollywood, boom. We’ll do a video on him, too,
but today, we are focusing on one of the top ten coolest
guys in the Western hemisphere. Practically my brother, Tanner Foust. He’s won the X-Games three times. He’s a two-time Formula Drift champion. The dude has a degree in molecular biology from the University of Colorado. He’s the host of the
second-best Top Gear ever, but most importantly
for this particular job, the dude has driven in a bunch of movies. Dukes of Hazzard, Bourne:
Ultimatum, Bourne: Legacy, Need for Speed, Iron
Man 2, Hobbes and Shaw, and a little underground
film, it might ring a bell, Fast and Furious: Tokyo
Drift, you ever heard of it? Needless to say, we
were stoked when Tanner agreed to be our driver for this series. There are literally
hundreds of people working on a movie set, but when
it comes down to it, your driver is the only
person in the car when the proverbial crap goes
down, pardon my French. – You’re the guy that can either make it a successful morning or a complete waste of everybody’s time on set, so
yeah, the nerves are hard. I get nervous doing these stunts. – [James] This guy is an artist, and every artist needs a brush. – [Interviewer] What about a sculptor? – What, shut up. You need a car that can
get the job done as well. Because Genesis is the one
making this whole thing happen, we’re obviously gonna use the coolest car in their lineup: the G70. It’s got a 3.3 liter twin turbo V6, 365 horsepower, rear-wheel drive. Those are all things that
we can use to do this stunt, and Genesis was kind enough
to give us three of them. Modern cars like the G70 have
a bunch of safety systems that keep them from doing
a 180 under a semi-truck. Normally, on the highway,
during everyday driving, doing a 180 under a
semi-truck is a bad thing. That’s a bad day, but today,
it’s exactly what we wanna do. So, we had to turn all
that safety stuff off. ABS, gone, traction
control, turned it off. Stability control, out the window. Wheel speed sensors, bye
Felicia, air bags, negatory. – The car doesn’t know
exactly what’s happening, so it can’t activate the
brakes to try to save itself. – Now that we have all the
safety features turned off, I have to say this: do
not try this at home. But if you do, here’s how you
do it, step by step, exactly. – So first of all, is it this one? What’s happening on this
particular gag right. Coming up the Hill Street or 4th Street Bridge onto, is this Hill Street? – Put the car in reverse
and place your right foot on the gas pedal and
press down hard until you get up to about 35 miles an hour. That’s why we got rid of
the wheel speed sensors. At this point, it might be a good idea to start looking in your rear-view mirrors. – I’m just looking in the mirror for whatever the back bumper could hit. Like in that case, we’ve put red and white tape on those legs. – [James] In Tanner’s
case, he’s using his mirror to look for the legs of the trailer. About a car length and a
half away from the trailer, go ahead and spin the wheel one-half turn to the right to initiate your spin. When you’re 45 degrees into
the turn, hit the brakes to shift the car’s weight
onto the rear wheels. This locks up the fronts,
allowing them to skid, which whips the nose of the car around. – Ideally, it’s completely sideways under here with a couple inches of gap. – Hopefully, you lined it up right, and you’re completely sideways
as you pass under the truck. As you start rotating out from underneath, give your wheel a half
rotation back to center. When you’re around the
45 degree mark again, tap it back into drive,
ease up on the brakes. – Now, it’s a matter
of spotting the street. – You do not want to over-rotate
on this particular street, because there’s a pretty
gnarly drop-off right here. – Going left there is bad. – When you’re just about lined up, completely release the brakes and gun it. – And then we’ll do that
like 30 times or so. Hopefully less, I’ve let them know that it doesn’t actually get any
easier with repetition. So generally what happens is they do it until the car gets wrecked, just saying. – So now that we know
how to do this stunt, all we got left to do is do it. – I think we’re gonna, you know, maximum we’re gonna get
three takes on this, so I wanna get as many
cameras inside as we can. (camera shutter clicking) (soft car engine humming) – I have a couple little
cues on the road of when it should happen, but
my visual is kinda hard to see because it’s, you know,
the underside of a truck. It’s sorta dirty, but
anyway, fingers crossed. – Alright, we’re locked
up all around, here we go. (mechanical grinding) – [Cameraman] Ready, and three,
two, one, action, action. (soft car engine humming) (muffled tire screeching) – [Director] And cut. – We’ve been working on this
thing for literally months, but it was all worth it because it looks so sick, you guys. I’m just, I’m just gonna let you watch it. (car engine humming) Thank you so much for
watching Donut Media. If you guys didn’t watch it, we wouldn’t get to make any of it. This is really a dream come true. Thank you so much, hit the like button, hit the subscribe button. We’re doing at least two more of these videos in this series. Thank you so much to Genesis
for helping make that happen. Follow Donut Media on Instagram
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this stuff on there, too. I love you.