So we’re going…
Do you know where we’re going? – I’m gonna walk up…
– Walk up the tower. Then I stop there. Then I drive it. Show me how you’re gonna drive the car. Beep, beep! Left and right. Back and forward. It might crash,
but I’m not gonna let it crash. Are you gonna be a good driver?
A safe driver. Our youngest test driver ever,
four-year-old Sophie, is on her way
to a closed-off construction site. For months now,
Volvo Trucks has been preparing a remote-controlled Volvo FMX
just for her. The whole idea is to put the truck
in the hands of a four-year-old girl and so basically it represents chaos. – Hi, Sophie.
– I’m going to the very, very top. I think it’s the best test
for the truck, to see if it can handle a little girl. – Are you gonna hit that house?
– No. No? I think you’re allowed
to hit the house with the car. Of course, it’s a little bit scary
to test the truck like this, but with this test, we show how strong
and intelligent the FMX truck is. Let’s go. Everybody get ready. The remote-control setup
is a complex and sensitive system. To handle the safety requirements
the crew had two remotes, one for Sophie
and one extra for the remote team, so that they could take control
of the truck if needed. Here I have the safety brake. It is a challenge to make a four-year-old
drive a remote-controlled truck, ’cause obviously this is not a toy,
it is for real. Ready? Raise it up. Ready?
And action! Sophie is cute and funny and she is kind of doing
whatever she wants and she’s still not really listening
to people. She doesn’t feel the limitations
of the truck that we maybe feel. That is the ultimate test. During the test, the truck took
some unpredictable turns. It seems letting a child
control an 18-ton truck can be quite stressful. That looks OK.
You see this part is smashed inside, but still a distance
to the radiator inside. No liquids under the truck and
everything is intact. Yeah, continue. So even though
she will have total freedom, we’re gonna assist her a little, to
place her where she can really have fun. It’s like in a video game, where we give the control
to a four-year-old kid and sometimes you take the control and you place them back in a track
and they play again. The new live test was shot
over several days in Serbia. Even though the truck was put through
some really rough driving, it made it. And Sophie seemed quite pleased
with the result. What did you think
of driving that big truck? – Good.
– How good was it? – Good.
– Was it awesome? Great driving. High tens?