We have three main challenges
going forward. People will live more and more
in the cities, which will lead
to congestion, pollution, and the need for transport
will be even higher than today. Second is road safety,
and finally climate change. I really believe that automation
will be one of the main contributors to solving the challenges we face. What is automation? The first thing people think of
is a self-driving truck, but that is not necessarily the case. We are developing solutions
for the driver. We are developing solutions that will be
able to take over tasks from the driver, as well as solutions
to have self-driving trucks. For us, it’s important
that all of these solutions are within the frame of automation. As a cognitive scientist,
I want to understand how the driver takes on
this complex task. We are running
several automation projects today, spanning from the deepest mine,
transport on highways to a garbage truck in the city. For us, it’s important that as many
as possible gain from this technology, and not only
the companies and industries but also individual citizens
and the drivers driving our trucks. We’ve been running tests for years, collecting and analysing
a huge amount of data, covering every scenario
we could think of. We will never release anything
that we do not trust. So when you meet our automated trucks
on the road, I want you to feel safe. We have come up
with dozens of innovations, but it is sometimes the craziest idea
that will be the most successful. Whatever we develop
must serve a purpose for the drivers, our customers
and society. It would be so much easier if I wasn’t
constantly running from place to place, and that’s what I feel I’m doing. Whenever I’m in a meeting,
I have one eye on the clock. I’m adding
an extra 20 minutes for traffic, just in case I don’t make it back for
that school run and my child is left. So that’s a very real worry. Transportation is really
the lifeblood, the pulse, for business and the people, and I believe that in the near future we will start to see self-driving trucks
on our roads transporting goods and starting
to become a part of our society. I foresee that different hubs,
it can be a city to another city, will be connected
and we will have autonomous vehicles most probably in dedicated lanes
at nighttime. In the city centres, in urban areas,
we will have smaller, quiet vehicles, and through that we will create
a future transport ecosystem where everything will be connected. It’s exciting to know that that sort
of technology is on the horizon, that we are going to have
driverless safer vehicles, we’re going to have cleaner,
more efficient vehicles. What does it take
to trust the next step in technology? I think we need faith. We’re having drones.
We have far more automated machinery. We’re going to start seeing that sort
of innovation in all sorts of areas. So I think we just need to be
brave enough to accept the next step.