We are the biggest manufacturer of bearings
in the world. We manufacture for basically all the car manufacturers
in Europe. We have world-class manufacturing, and that
is very, very important to us. We want to stay close to the customers and
we want to be able to deliver quality and on-time. This plant is a significant factor in the
car manufacturing industry in Europe, so if something would happen here or stop here,
a full stop would definitely affect the car production in all of Europe. It would have a significant impact. We have a vision within SKF Reinsurance. The vision is to understand the risk and to
work with the risk proactively, which means that you have to take active decisions. Either you can life with the risk and then
you don’t do anything, or you think the risk is too high. Then you have to act accordingly. We don’t want to have any losses at all. Period. We will protect our people. We will protect our merchandise, and we will
definitely protect our customer. One thing that is very, very important is
for us to understand that it’s our risk. It’s SKF risks, and as long as we understand
that, it’s a lot easier for the SKF people to work with and understand loss prevention
and not having any losses. When it comes to risk management, and within
SKF, we work strategically much more today, so we have identified strategic plants within
SKF, and in that respect, we try to align with a new industry, 4.0 industry, which mans
us being able to deliver. FM Global helps me with understanding the
risk. They teach us, educate us, and come up with
recommendations on what to do and not to do. FM Global plays a big part in this relationship. We are a partner together with FM Global. It’s a huge plant, and we realize that we
had no protection at all, and it’s only one fire cell. It’s one big room, and that they made us realize. So today we have protected this whole side. We have a top-down approach, and a bottom-up
approach because we talk to the top management, of course, but then also we have roughly 140
loss prevention site coordinators. They focus on the risk at site, which means
that the production hits, the production managers can focus on producing. It is really, really something that goes through
the whole group, the whole company.