hello friends! today i come to marad
actually we are coming to buy a used car so one of our friend he decided to buy
car so we are coming here to see some of the cars here so arsalan’s father is
here and he’s also looking for the car so what kind of car you are looking for? Camry! camry yeah what about honda accord or nissan? toyota camry is better than honda accord and nissan or some other one i like toyota first and then nissan datson okay so actually we have variety of cars available here so we will show you of the cars here so let’s see and
explore the cars and explore the area let’s go it’s a Volvo s80 car basically it’s a
Swedish car and it has 4.4cc engine with a v8 option basically Volvo is not very
popular car in Saudi Arabia because it’s selling price is not very good it’s a Jeep Wrangler 1990 edition and
its engine is 4.2cc with the manual speed and it’s a four-wheel drive car it’s a Kia Optima 2014 car basically
this car is a competitor of a Honda Accord and Toyota Camry and its engine
is 2.4cc and it’s a six-speed transmission with the 192 horsepower it’s a Kia Sorento 2016 model and it’s a 7 seater car with the engine 2.4cc 2016 Land Rover
Discovery sport is a little softer and more crossover like on the outside while
its interior is freshly straightforward this beautiful car has engine capacity
of the 2.0 l and 240 horsepower it’s a Hyundai Accent L sedan 2016 model this model has increased the sale of Hyundai cars in
South Arabia Honda accord is the most popular Honda’s car in Saudi Arabia Toyota Camry fulfill all the expectations placed on a mid-sized
sedans which is likely why it’s being such a huge sales success this lexus LS enjoys a great spacious interior it has a superb smooth drive and runs like
energetically like a stallion the new Honda accord 2019 offers about
as much utility as is possible for a sedan it has excellent trunk volume
plenty of spots for small items with a cabin and generally more space than you
will know what to do with the Mercedes C-Class offer luxury and performance in
a tidy package most models are powered by a turbo four-cylinder performance is
decent and fuel efficiency is good this 1951 Chevrolet 3100 is awesome in
all respects it’s been the beneficiary of a thorough, frame off restoration at the hand of skilled professionals with its eye-catching exterior showing all those
instantly recognizable vintage styling cues that have made the model so coveted
among collectors 1951 model chevrolet american car wonder car! its like a new it’s like a brand-new maybe the repaint this yeah it’s like a baby i like most Rolls Royce Phantom is not only the
ultimate status symbol it’s the holy grail of handcrafted luxury automobile
it’s decadent design is derived from an aluminum structure that rides atop
and air suspension for euphoric comfort want to short of all you have
arrived? you need a Phantom An SUV for those who want the very best
in every respect that’s the promise of the Land Rover Range Rover Toyoya land cruiser is ready to go just about anywhere the 2019 toyota land cruiser
splits the line between rugged and luxurious equally at home on the highway
or the muddy mountain road the Range Rover puts you in complete control of
any environment different models of Toyota Camry is
available the 2017 Sonata is an excellent midsize sedan this well-rounded vehicle
offers solid fuel economy a spacious trunk low projected ownership costs and
a smooth and refined ride quality Kia Optima meets all your needs in a
sensible four-door sedan the Kia Optima is right in line with its rivals when it
comes to gas insurance repair and maintenance costs toyota yaris sedan is available with 1.5
liter engine and a CVT automatic Yaris is always ready to prove that efficiency can go a long, long way the 2016 Nissan Altima is a fine option if
you are shopping for a used midsize car the Altima rides comfortably returns
excellent fuel economy, and rewards with athletic handling so guys i am back at home and as we see this market is huge and there are number of showrooms available there so there are 100’s of cars also available there so if you are fan of SUV or Sedan you have the opportunity to buy car from there so i hope you like my video so stay tune with me and don’t forget to subscribe my channel you