sup Kevin he prayed are you doing pretty
good I’ve been good hey guys we got Fred lives here from
Peterson’s four wheel and off-road magazine he’s the editor of to a great
book that have actually fallen for quite a while and got a great truck behind us
but we’re gonna get to that in a second first print tell us and people that are
watching what you’re doing we build a lot of cool vehicles this is
the vehicle we built for this year’s ultimate adventure trip now Ultimate
Adventure is a week long road trip but not like a normal road trip where you’re
all piled into an old man and going somewhere we take giant built four by fours and
every other day we go four-wheeling so we’ll drive somewhere maybe 500 miles
700 miles in one day and the next day will go four-wheeling all day like we
get into some gnarly stuff as you can see this used to be a perfectly straight
truck haha but we went on a wheel and trip for the
week but a few dents and dings in it then we bring you here to see my show it
off to have you can see we had it well I love the battle scars man and obviously
if you’re doing that kind of wheeling you’ve got a caravan you’ve got on board tools you’ve got
wheelers and guys it that have some experience in to develop that know how
to fix things into trail repairs on the fly right oh yeah every year we have a bunch of guys are
called the cronies are kind of like the guys we bring back every year their
unpaid volunteers that we’ve been using for years and they come along and help
us keep everybody moving it’s a it’s a road trip about 20 vehicles we have
readers we have great sponsors and we have these crony guys and their staff
and every year we build a vehicle specifically for that event this year we
start with the nineteen ninety dodge now this truck is a cummins diesel dodge but
this is actually a two-wheel drive it used to be used as an airplane tug to
pull airplanes around at an airport yeah and the wheelbase was only about
the front wheels they’re the rear wheels right here yeah in order to get it to look like
this we took the Pacific fabrication we stretch the frame we put this box on it
off of a military trailer full cage full custom suspension that it wasn’t four
wheel drive so it now has a manual transmission the honors the transfer
case big Dana 80 axles from dynatrac so we stopped all this stuff together and it was a cool looking truck when we
are finished but we wanted to really pop in front of cameras and out on the trail yeah that’s why it’s painted her own
yeah the eastwood hugger orange and it looks good and this is a new door right oh yeah
this is the one thing we did repair well these are new mirrors and their doors
because this whole door by the end of the trip you can open it my co-pilot had to climb in and out but
it was on his side of the truck so I blame him i had to place all for not
spotting correct right plus it’s a Mopar it’s orange uh-huh the Duke boys at an orange most
part they had to climb in a window so we’re playing on some traditional Jimmy
it looks like it’s like maybe like your version of an old Power Wagon Sarah yeah you could say that I mean
it’s a diesel which everybody loves a diesel is a 12 out yep how about some runs off of like two
wires while two wires and you can see and uh yeah running and it will take you anywhere
it’s got a ton of torque yeah even with big 40 inch windows it
has no problem climbing up the trail yeah um yeah and we use a lot of
sponsors every year to kind of get a lot of different products on it like offered
design has their transfer case the guys from BTS do a lot of great suspension
where ya Warren has been with us a long time yeah
and we put a winch on the front of every truck we build because oh yeah we’re
going to get stuff for recovery not only with your own rig but other rigs that
are and offset in some girl you’re so if you want to be able to pull your buddies
oh yeah and it’s not like we are going to just go and not get stuck we’re going to keep going until we are
stuck in there like all right well now let’s get through this so I want to I want to thank all of our
sponsors we’ve always had some always had really good guys eastwood came on this here to talk to us
about their welders of course their paint or chassis black that we can we
rebuilt the whole chassis so we wanted to spray that down and there’s a couple
bags of tools in there you always need tools East with supplies all types of
hand tools so we got tools with us so this truck has been dialed it’s ready
to go we land is all pretty now we actually spent a ton of money getting it
prepped again repainted the chassis after it got
scratched and bashed added detail and part of our plan here is you can notice
this Black Rock rail that runs all the way around the jock the goal was to be able to lean into
boulders and rocks and this is instead of the body yeah of course the plan does always go according to plan so what do
you mean I don’t know what you’re talking about that was a grocery cart we just stopped to get some breakfast
one morning and said I’ve got it came out it smashed and it sucked up the beer
in the cooler exactly yeah so but now we’re kind of outfitting
it more as camping adventure truck you through a couple of mountain bikes in
the back every top 10 in there you can put some surfboards or snowboards this truck is going to be dialed to do
just about anything anytime of the year you want to tell me about the transfer
case they just started case or I don’t know this is a the magnum 2 of 5 from
offered design yeah and an envy 4500 from the 80s in
front of it ok so it’s all gearboxes there’s no automatic transmission is an
automatic transmission coolers to worry about no computers there’s not a
computer on this thing that’s not on my cell phone it doesn’t need it yeah my the plan was
just build this thing simple this thing is big stuff it’s like a rolling orange
and Vil going on a trail like I want to be able to pound stuff off of it and not
really worry about it yeah well its got away 5,000 pounds of
that chassis boys more than that ok but it’s got 59 comments it’s been hopped up
with the guys from our products yeah and I it will turn these tires no
problem is its stock turbo now the bank’s guys did some work to the
turbo ok so now we’re telling the whole story oh yeah and now you don’t want to leave
anything alone like this number I think the only thing stock is the cab and the
engine block yeah maybe the radiator I think
everything else we’ve gone through changed it people don’t realize the amazing
strength of that 12 and it’s basically like a tractor engine oh that they put in street the shirt and
mechanical upgrades that you can be pretty making making shine now this
thing is attractive it’s a big gorgeous it should be caboto orange set a hugger
arms because I mean this thing rocks like a tractor up the trail yeah well maybe we can do a new color
name throw it in there this now it’s a I don’t know maybe a spread wings or
Thanksgiving thanks for talking to his sister is awesome dude have a good show ok you to take it