(plucky flute music) (metal booming and glass breaking) (kid grunting) – That is just too much wheel. That’s a lotta tire but there’s still just too much gap. How big is that tire? 315/70 17? They’re 17s? Those are some rubber bands, holy cow. Bands’ll make her dance, man. Trail built? There’s nothin’ trail-built when you got tires that
don’t even see gravel. What are those, rubber bands? It’s a really cool truck, but it looks like it’s
completely stock under the hood. It’s still quiet. There is a lot of black on this vehicle. It’d be a lot better if you put something like chrome XDs on there, or couple of the other
cool finishes they come in. Wonder why this guy’s got his hood popped? Is it supercharged? Nope. These are really cool wheels. The suspension looks good too, is that an axle dump on a gasser? – [Man] It’s supercharged, Bro! Fuel tires? It’d look a lot better
with Fuel wheels, too. 14 wides, 14 wides, does none of you have
16 wides on your trucks? 14-wides are so 2018. Dude, nice shirt, Bro! (playful music) What the (bleep) is going on here? One hand, two plus, what has he got going on here? – Hey man, what do you
think about this thing? – Isn’t this supposed to
be an off-road vehicle? – No, it’s a show truck! – Yeah, but Broncos are off-road vehicles. – No, this one’s a show truck. – This is not a show truck. – It is, and you know what’s
the best part about it? – What’s that? – The super lift kit on it’s available at customoffsets.com. (bell dinging) – Does anyone build a quality vehicle around here anymore? These are all just basic. (plucky flute music) (truck door clunking) Well, got a fine drive! (plucky flute music) (electronic beeping) Are you ready kids? – [Man] Aye, aye Captain! – Cobb, who are you trying to be? – [Cobb] Taylor, am I doing it right? (men laughing) Let me see that.