we have a very important topic to talk
to you about today it is the importance of why you need travel insurance now a
lot of people don’t think about travel insurance when they’re when they’re
heading out on even a short trip or a long trip really but we’re here to tell
you that you definitely need it and we know from firsthand experience yeah Dave broke his back in the Amazon a couple of years ago yes he did and if we didn’t
have insurance it would have cost us well over $100,000 and we’d still be
paying that sucker off right now but because we have travel insurance we had
medical evacuation we have hospital stays covered we had x-rays and CT scans
everything was covered and we I had it all under our insurance otherwise if we
didn’t we either a would have been paying all of that in a pocket or even
worse what many people do is think well maybe it’s not so bad maybe he just has
a really badly bruised back for everything and maybe we’ll just try and
get ourselves back to Canada it wouldn’t have worked he had a broken back you
broke two vertebrae in your back and thank God for health insurance because
you have a full recovery I did I’m standing here today though most people
think oh well that’ll never happen to me I’m not gonna break my back you know did
you do it doing some adventure obviously cuz we’re adventures no all I was doing
was stepping into a boat and I happened to slip and fall backwards and hit my
back on a metal stair so it can happen doing anything anywhere that’s why it’s
great to have the best coverage when you’re away you don’t want to be stuck
with those medical bills like Deb said for the rest of your life
and it doesn’t have to be something also it doesn’t have to be something that is
super serious you know I know this happened to Deb brother he was down in
Florida you know dad down in the US and he slipped and broke his fall with his
hands you know didn’t hurt anything but about an hour later his wrist wrist all
swelled up and he had to go to the hospital to get it looked at and if he
didn’t have medical insurance we all know what the cost can be in the US and
he was covered so even though he was just going to Florida for a short amount
of time he understood the importance of having travel insurance no matter what
the length or where you’re going of your what destination your trip is in too
many people think oh it’s just a short trip nothing will happen
well things do happen Dave and I can vouch that things happen all the time
when we least expect it when we’re climbing or kayaking or doing some treks
in the outback nothing ever happens to us no but
whatever we’re just in the city or doing something mundane that’s when it seems
like we hurt ourselves we never worry about how much it’s going to cost us the
minute we feel something an ailment or sick or hurt ourselves we go to a doctor
overseas and we make sure that it’s better so let’s talk about a few of the
misconceptions that people think of why they don’t need health insurance or
travel insurance one thing people think is that oh I’m covered as long as I got
that travel insurance with my credit card not always so we always recommend
for people to check the fine print read see what’s covered a lot of people don’t
do this and you don’t want to be in a destination and have to use it and find
out you’re not covered we recommend buying supplemental
insurance on top of your credit card insurance because just then you know
what you’re covered for and you don’t have to worry about things so reading
that fine print buying a little bit of extra coverage especially we’re doing a
longer trip is well worth the cost a lot of people think they have coverage with
their company at work or with their home province or state that’s not the case
most of the time the minute you step foot out of the country or even out of
your province or state you are not covered so you want to make sure you
find out about that and the coverage that you need to get you want to make
sure that you have emergency evacuation insurance that’s really important if you
have a severe injury you need to get out of there and get on an air ambulance and
get home or get to a facility that can take care of you when Dave broke his
back in the Amazon we were in the middle of the jungle and he had to spend some
time in a little tiny jungle hospital that did not have the facilities and
things No thank God we had that air ambulance insurance that could take him
on a stretcher back to Canada where he could get the health that he needed now a lot of people say oh I don’t need
trip cancellation or trip interruption insurance well this is something else
you should have as well especially if you’re going on a longer term trip if
you’re doing something a little bit short where the cost isn’t that big I
wouldn’t really worry about it but if you’re doing a longer trip I would
definitely recommend it because if something comes up a medical emergency
or anything like that you can get your flights and everything refunded which is
which is a great thing especially if you’ve dished out you know five to ten
thousand dollars you don’t want to eat that money so it’ll be covered under
your insurance you also want to make sure what kind of coverage you are
covered for do you have a private hospital room do you have hotels covered
do you have food covered that’s all really important when you if when you
have your loved one in the hospital when dave was injured I didn’t have to worry
about the extra days I was spending in in Peru or the extra money I’d be
spending on a hotel or food everything was covered all prescriptions were
covered and the great thing about a lot of those flights the medical evacuation
insurance if you don’t even have to pay for that that money goes into paperwork
and goes right to the insurance company so you don’t have to fork out fifty to
one hundred thousand dollars right then and there who be happy about that yeah
now baggage insurance is another thing that people don’t really think about it
a lot of times it is included in your credit card insurance or in your travel
insurance policy but again it’s always good to check the fine print it’s a
really good thing to have because if your bags get lost or they get stolen
or they don’t get there in time then you have that insurance where you can go out
and buy clothes and and toiletries and all those things that you that you need
to they actually find your bags or you know to get you to the store when you do
have a medical emergency you want to make sure that you have all of your
paperwork in order Dave wouldn’t really know about this then he was on a lot of
drugs when we were in Peru he was really really in badging but I had a lot of
work that I had to do I had to gather up all the paperwork I had to make sure
that I called my insurance company before anything happened and luckily
there was a satellite phone on the ship we were on I called American Express was
who we we used and I said my husband has had a bad fall I need to know what I’m
covered for and if you can’t get on the phone beforehand you have to do it right
away soon as you get to the hospital make sure you get on the phone to your
insurance company a good insurance company will be on there telling what
you what you’re covered for telling you what paperwork you need I needed to get
all of his x-rays all of his doctor’s notes everything that he possibly had
all of his prescriptions and another great thing that insurance companies
offer our translators a lot of times you can do the basic conversation with
people when you’re in a country but you can’t do the really important things so
having a translator come to help you out set things up and gather what you need
is invaluable so as you can see we are true believers in travel insurance we
have used our insurance a lot we’ve had a motorcycle accident in Thailand I’ve
had a knee infection a very bad blood infection in Africa gave absolutely
broke his back in Peru and we’ve always had travel insurance we’ve never had to
worry about going broke because we get sick when we’re travelling so we highly
recommend you getting it it’s very little money for a lot of peace of mind
so before you head out on your next trip make sure to call your insurance
provider or your credit card see what you’re covered for and make sure you
have all the right covers before you head out there and travel and for more
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