what is going on everyone it is time to
update the worst states in America list for 2019 last year’s video did really
well but eventually got age-restricted and then demonetised when YouTube
decided to raise the bar for advertisers on what’s acceptable the video had a
street fight in it okay I get it we won’t be making that mistake this year
it doesn’t matter what state it is someone always thinks it’s the worst for
example New Hampshire which is considered to be the best state in the
Union by most researchers it’s often brought up in the comments sections of
YouTube videos by people claiming that they live there and they think New
Hampshire sucks and it’s the worst state the first thing I do when I see a
comment like this is I check the comment for spelling and grammatical errors if I
find more than one I’d out there from New Hampshire New Hampshire’s always
always the top three of Education but New Hampshire won’t be on this list
it won’t be anywhere near this list this list is about the worst of the worst
you know those states that are often part of a punch line and a joke pulled
out a dive bar yeah those states a couple of the states from
last year’s list won’t be on this year’s they’ve gotten better and to be honest a
couple of them will be missed they’re really easy to make jokes about
I’m gonna miss them and I’m gonna miss you West Virginia now I have a lot of
subscribers from West Virginia that should be excited about this matter of
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below this list is all about livability this is sort of a measurement that takes
things like crime schools air quality costs traffic and a few other things
into consideration and come out with this livability grade it’s used by a
couple different websites all the states on this list score a big fat ass so good
job now I’m sure this list is gonna tick some of you off I mean I’m kind of
talking bad about your state but the only thing I can say to you is make your
state better do something positive for the state and make it better maybe in a
couple years it won’t be on the list that being said let’s take a look at my
top ten worst states in America for 2019 number 10 New Mexico
ah New Mexico everybody’s go-to state to make them feel better about where they
live the most common use of the words New Mexico goes something like this
sure it sucks living here but at least to date New Mexico this gem of the state
calls itself the land of enchantment but if you know anything about the state you
know that this is a form of geographical fake news in 2018 the most recent
completed year of statistics for the FBI New Mexico recorded the third highest
rate of property crime and the fourth in violent crime in the first quarter of
2018 the Albuquerque Police Department reported a 50% increase in homicides
from the year before New Mexico had the fourth highest rate of drug deaths in
the United States in 2018 and a quarter of its children live in poverty for the
second year in a row the state has been guilty the highest rate of stolen
vehicles make sure you have good car insurance if you live in New Mexico or
even visit drive by make sure you got good insurance number nine Oklahoma
Oklahoma is probably the state that sent me the most hate over the last few years
I’ve been told never to come to that state more than any other place and stop
typing I know you’re sitting there and you’re wanting to say something
brilliant and original it won’t be scroll down you’ll see whatever comment
you’re about to put in there about 20 other times Oklahoma leads the country
and three things barbecue least amount of sidewalks and the most pedestrians
hit by trucks with gun racks the cowboy state has the fourth highest rate of
on-the-job deaths in the nation now that’s according to the US Bureau of
Labor and Statistics Oklahoma also has a high obesity rate regular exercise does
loads to improve your general well-being and quality of life yet only about half
the Oklahomans report that they’ve actually exercised within the last year
or at all health care and crime really bring Oklahoma down they also have 16%
of the residents on food stamps currently number 8 Missouri just
recently I did videos on the worst neighborhoods in America and Missouri
made it on those lists more than once st. Louis and Kansas City have some
pretty scary neighborhoods the show-me-state has won the highest
violent crime rates in the nation in 2017 the state reported six hundred
murders that’s an 11 percent increase from the year before according to the
National Conference of State Legislators the state lacks
detection against discrimination as well as discrimination laws especially
related to employment including protections for age and marital status
so if you’re an older person that’s married don’t move here looking for work
and don’t go looking for drugs apparently they have enough drugs
they’ll probably find you Missourians are getting high more frequently than
any other state and that’s according to a study that puts them at number one for
drug use congratulations Missouri you’re number one at something number seven
California it’s California so yeah you know it’s bad especially if you live
there you read or you watch TV the western portion of the state is
astronomically expensive and the eastern portion of the state is dirt poor and
stop typing I’m sure you can cherry-pick some town on the eastern portion that’s
doing pretty good don’t they have some of the dirtiest cities in the country
despite having some the strictest environmental laws which I find really
strange actually I don’t if you saw how
California function like I have you see it totally makes sense the Golden State
has the worst quality of life based on a variety of social and environmental
factors including the sense of community and air pollution maybe that’s why
people have been leaving this place like it’s on fire and lately the place has
been on fire whole communities have been burnt to the ground in recent years due
to wildfires great job California more people are leaving California than
moving there breaking a 120 year streak and it started about four years ago number six Indiana Indiana the home of
our current number two man Mike Pence is a disaster by most people’s standards
the Hoosier State isn’t known for its tolerance of all the Americans who live
and work within its borders after intense outcry from business leaders and
citizens the state in 2015 adjusted its deeply controversial Religious Freedom
Restoration Act soon after it was signed into law by then Governor Mike Pence the
changes also approved by pence helped ease fears that the law could be used to
justify discrimination but Indiana still lacks protection against discrimination
on the basis of sexual orientation age and marital status while in Indiana you
might not want to breathe this is because the 40 million pounds of toxic
fumes generated by Indiana’s coal plants every single year this helps make
Indiana the most polluted of all the 50 states
good work Hoosiers number five Mississippi its Mississippi
and I know what you’re thinking why isn’t it number one on this list well
that’s because the Magnolia state has made great strides in bettering their
situation I mean great strides for Mississippi let’s be serious you can’t
be that bad for that long and just work your way off a negative top-10 list in
one year no way Elvis Presley a Mississippi native went from being the
sexiest man on the planet to being an overweight dude who died while on the
toilet in just a couple decades a bunch of Mississippians appear to be following
this life plan the Magnolia state has the second highest obesity rate in the
country and the nation’s highest cardiovascular death rate in 2018 oh and
they’re knocking it out of the park when it comes to cancer deaths you know it’s
a bad state when the number one thing on most residents bucket list is rent a
u-haul number for Tennessee most people not from this part of the country a
little shocked to find out that in Memphis Tennessee is one of the most
dangerous cities in the country Memphis helps bring down this great
state now it shocked me when I first panel to start learning about this
everyone I’ve ever met from the state and when I visited Nashville they’re
wonderful people now to be fair they do have problems elsewhere in the state but
Memphis does excel at sucking with the fifth highest violent crime rate in the
nation the Volunteer State could still use some more people to volunteer maybe
write out your neighbors or something they might also want to stop smoking
that might help the state’s alarmingly high rate of premature deaths according
to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for every 100,000 people in
Tennessee nearly 10,000 of them die before the age of 75 that is more than
30% higher than the national average they also lead the country and childhood
obesity that’s not good they have bad air quality poor health grades and other
than Nashville and very few other places to do things it’s a whole bunch of
nothing I mean less like hunting and stuff like that but to like go places
amusement there’s really not that much number three New York yeah it’s New York
just like California it sucks these days they share some of the same issues that
are driving people out of California it’s overpriced it’s overcrowded and
it’s just kind of over people aren’t moving here like they once were the
shine has left the Big Apple New York has terrible air quality terrible
weather and dangerous cities the housing costs alone normally kill anyone’s dream
of moving to the Empire State now I understand New York City plays a big
part of bringing down the ability for New York State to get on a list like
this but the other cities aren’t really that great either
anyway affordability health care whether not a good place for families is what
brings New York down number two Alabama Alabama really doesn’t have a lot of
things you could let’s say put in the win column they boast the highest number
of drunk driving deaths every single year they lead the country in teen
pregnancy their schools are always ranked as one of the worst in the nation
and I have personally seen billboards in Phoenix City Alabama reminding people
that hooking up with a close relative is not just a bad idea but it’s actually
against the law the cotton state has one of the highest crime rates in the nation
the lowest concentration of mental health providers and this is another one
of those states that has very little protection from discrimination of all
kinds when it comes to health care for pregnant women and infants Alabama has
the highest infant mortality rate in the country and with nine infant deaths out
of every 1,000 live births and number one it’s a tie
Arkansas and Louisiana for the first time here on the world according to
Briggs we have a tie these two states suck so bad it was hard to separate the
two of them the good news is that they’re right next to each other so if
you have like one of those old school maps it’s easier to circle the two of
them and right never go here in black sharpie according to a recent study by
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention more than 16 percent of
Arkansas residents and 17 percent of weasy Anna Polk report frequent mental
distress both states share the same stat of one third of their children live in
poverty both have alarmingly high on-the-job death rates and both have
miserable weather sound good so far they both share similar stats when it comes
to drug use and arrests crime in general is high maybe a little bit higher in
Louisiana but it’s pretty high in both states remember that the
I said you circle it on the map and write never go here that’s solid advice all right so that’s my top ten worst
states in America for 2019 I hope you guys enjoyed and hope you got some
information I would hope you know where not to go this year as always if you
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