A common question that clients have is, “Who is going to pay my medical bills if I am involved in a
car accident, and who should I have paid my medical
bills?” If you’re in a car accident you have a large amount of medical bills,
the accident is the other individuals fault. We recommend first, that if you have
health insurance you run the bills through your health
insurance. Second option, you run the bills through
the medical payments portion of your insurance policy, your
automobile insurance policy. The reason we say that is first of all, let the health insurance
pay the medical bills that they will pay, then if you have copays or deductibles, you use your medical payments provision to pay those
bills so you don’t ruin your credit rating. Third, eventually
you’re going to collect for your pain, suffering, inconvenience and
your medical bills from the other side’s insurance carrier,
but on a typical basis the other side, the
defendants insurance carrier will not pay your medical bills until
you sign a full release. So first, you want to use your health
insurance and second, you want to use your medical payments
provision. (music)