Roland: The majority of
the stuff on this truck is probably 90% custom. From the front to the back. A lot of the stuff on that truck is crazy. Raul: We built this rig to to show everybody in the US we’re the ones to beat and show what we can do. In San Antonio Texas, the Mendez family
of Texas Chrome have created, what can only be described as the most customized truck in the world. Roland: If I was to describe
this truck in three words, it would be: simply bad-ass. This is the Kenworth TOC. Raul: This truck took almost a year and a half to build. We have probably about $150,000 or $180,000 in it. Raul: This truck here has got about 750 horsepower. Perhaps the most impressive part of this customized truck, is it’s completely unique and incredibly intricate paint job. Roland: The paint job on it took weeks and weeks and
weeks of just hard work. The filigree design
that was done on it, done by hand. And then of course
we did the matching, design on the wheels and also the stacks. What we’re looking at here is eight different colors of paint. This paint job is crazy. I think here at Texas Chrome, we’ve probably painted over 800 trucks in the last 10 years. And by far to me
this is the baddest paint job I’ve ever seen. And it’s not only the paint job that’s totally unique. The rest of the truck is also customized
from the ground up. Roland: We have a custom grill. This is an aluminum wheel. And the process to do this is sand and polish your
aluminum wheel to perfection. Afterwards, we got it engraved. And the last process
is dipping it in chrome. No detail has been spared as the inside also contains tons of unique features. Roland: Okay guys
on the interior, it’s an original dash, we wanted to keep it nice and clean. And then we added some
switches that we sell. They got a stick shift here that was actually engraved. I mean we have the total 38 speakers and woofers combined. it just rocks the house. Even the motor has a story to tell. Roland: The motor was
completely taken apart, rebuilt, painted piece by piece, to give us this look that you see here. To mimic what we
have on the truck. The actual turbo get
dipped in chrome, stainless steel pieces air charged cooler hoses. The truck was finished off with custom logos, custom lights, and the ultimate custom grill. Roland: This is a custom truck, one light chopper style. We matched the five
lights up on the back of the sleeper
to our front bumper, And we finished it off
with a nice emblem here. Project TOC, the baddest truck ever built. Unsurprisingly, this truck has been gathering prestige, getting stacks of awards. Raul: We showed it at Dallas
Truck Show a few years ago, and popped in there pulled it in to the
convention centre, Roland: The first response is like, I see our fellow competitors. They’re looking at the truck and they walk towards it, and they turn back. Like they don’t even
want to look at it man! They’re just **** their
pants seeing the truck. Raul: This truck’s taken pretty much all the top awards at the Dallas Truck Show. Roland: Of course it took, “Best of Show” It also took, “Best engine”, “Best Interior” and “Best Paint.” The truck gets noticed
wherever it goes much to the pride of the family. Roland: And seeing
the people smile, and the way they look
at the engraving like they can’t believe it, the
way they look at the paint. It makes me happy man,
makes me proud of what our team was able to
accomplish with this truck. And it’s far from over
for the Mendez family. As their next project promises to be more impressive than ever. Raul: Next big project in
the works is going to be Project 289 which is going to be an older antique truck. Which back in the day, they had the
needle nose hood. And I’m going to bring some
of the cool modern stuff, which is going to be
back in the front end. Custom paint, loud radio, a little bit of copper plating. Some of the new stuff
people haven’t seen, in the custom truck world.