Narrator: Developing a new vehicle is a challenging
process under normal circumstances. But this is something completely different
altogether — because it needs to live in two worlds. Craig Metros: The team and I, we put in a
lot of time on this project. Narrator: Like any true innovation, it started
with a sketch. Then, sculpting a future classic. Metros: We were happy with our concept. But there was a lot to figure out. Narrator: The team spent months going over
layer by layer. Then came the pressure testing in labs. And for the covert road tests, the team couldn’t
seem to get it to drive right. It always pointed left. Metros: There was SO much to figure out. Narrator: The world has never seen a pickup
truck like this, made in America, from the finest pixels. Joe Hinrich: Ladies and gentlemen, the moment
you’ve all been waiting for… the truck emoji! Narrator: You can’t put a price on it. Because, it’s free. DEALERSHIP SHOPPER: (LAUGHS EXCITED) We want
this one. Narrator: Introducing the world’s first
emoji pickup truck… Built Ford Proud. Metros: Coming to a keyboard near you…. Soon.