Hello, and welcome to the Tower Hill video
education series. Iím Keyton Benson, a Senior Executive here
at Tower Hill. And today I have with me Tim Burns, our Vice
President of Claims. Hello, Tim. How are you doing, Keyton? Good, thanks. What we want to cover today is one of our
most frequently asked questions and that is, ìWhat do I do in the event of a claim? And, who should I call?î
That is one of the most common things that weíre asked, and so Tim, whatís the first
thing thatís going to happen when we have a claim. You can contact your local claims agent. The agent can go ahead and phone a claim in,
they can fax a claim in to us and they can also report a claim online so that we can
gather the information needed for your claim. Letís give a real life scenario. Letís say that I have a water claim. Iím out with the family- itís Friday night,
I get home at about 8 oíclock and all of a sudden I see water gushing out of the front
door. Right away I know that something is wrong
ñ what do I do? Well, unfortunately, that happens more than
you would think. 50% or more of our claims involve water of
some type. What you would want to do first is notify
your agent or contact our 800 number to report your claim through the Claims Department. A Customer Service Rep or a Claims Representative
will be on the phone with you to take down the information about your claim. If there is an emergency situation, they will
be able to direct you to an emergency service provider. And in this case weíd like to see you referred
to a water extraction company. And what a water extraction company will do,
is a water extraction company will extract the water from your home. Dry out your rugs, dry out your carpets so
that they can prevent additional damage to your home. Will they come out and start doing something
right away? Is there anything I should do as a homeowner? Turn off the water? Or do anything? Yes, your first step should always be to try
to find the source of the water and stop it from occurring. Many times itís often a supply line by your
toilet or your sink and you just have to turn it off to prevent additional damage. Other times you wonít know where the water
is coming from. If that is the case, what I would do is call
a local plumber, have them come out to your home and turn the water off to your house. Will you assist me in that? Will the company help me with that? Certainly. Our Claims Department has resources available
and they can go ahead and direct you when they are discussing your claim with you. One thing that the water extraction company
will do, like I mentioned before, is they will extract and dry out your home and usually
they can get to your home within hours. Many of our Claims Representatives, one thing
we try to strive on in customer service, is to do whatís called a warm transfer. We will actually take you when youíre on
the phone with us and put you in touch immediately with a water extraction service. And thatís the first contact that I will
have from the company is this water extraction company. Yes. So, the place is pretty messed up, you know
thereís water all over the living room, the kitchen. Iíve done a couple of things to mitigate,
but weíre not going to be able to stay there while theyíre repairing the houseÖ tearing
up the carpet and all that kind of stuff. What do I do? Well after you get in touch with a water extraction
company ñ if it is needed ñ soon after a Claims Representative will follow up with
you to discuss your claim and determine what your needs are. If you do need a place to stay because the
house is flooded and you donít want your kids or your wife in harmís way, we can arrange
to have an apartment or hotel room available to you. Weíve also arranged with these hotels where
youíre not out-of-pocket any expense. And they can direct bill us as part of the
claims process. What about, you know, weíre going to have
to eat and things like that because obviously we canít cook at our house and so forth ñ
should I save receipts or something like that? Is that part of our claim as well? That is part of your claim and I would suggest
that you save all your receipts and discuss those with your claims representative when
they contact you. How long does it take normally, just, you
know, ballpark figure, from the time that Iíve reported the claim, the water extraction
company has come out, itís done its thing, and now this Claims Adjuster ñ when will
they contact me and what is going to happen from then on? A Claims Representative will contact you ñ
itís usually within 24 hours ñ they will contact you. If a Field Representative is needed, they
will get in touch with you as well and set up a convenient time to meet with you and
your wife and to go over your claim. Remember water extraction is just part of
it. After the home is dried out, there is going
to be some residual damage and a Field Claims Representative can assess those damages and
help you get on the road to recover ñ on the road to repairs. So let me kind of recap ñ I come home, itís
late Friday night. I want to report the claim so if I canít
get a hold of my agent I want to call the 800 number, get in touch with the company;
theyíre going to help me get a water mitigation company out there to dry it up as fast as
possible. Then Iím going to get some instruction and
some assistance to go to a hotel ñ or some place to stay ñ while the repairs are going
on. All sounds good. This process takes ñ depending on the severity,
I suppose, of the water ñ letís say 7 to 10 days and I know I donít want to put you
in a box, but something like that. We move back into the house, and everything
is fine except my wife sheís kind of picky and she sees something that doesnít look
right. We have an issue ñ then what happens? Do we call our agent back? Or do we call you back? I would suggest you contact your Claims Representative. By all means, just because weíve been out
to your house and weíve assessed your damages; things are going to come up. Thereís going to be some issues ñ maybe
a room didnít dry properly or a carpet might be damaged. By all means, your claim is not closed – not
until you and I, as a policyholder, resolve all of your issues. So your claims representative is always there
for you. Well great. So again let me cover this one more time. Iíve come home, I found the water damage,
Iíve shut off the valve to stop the water from flowing, mitigated it as best as I can. Somebody is going to come out to dry out the
house, if I need a place to stay youíre going to assist me with that. I need to save my receipts. Then once the repairs are done in case I have
something that doesnít meet the satisfaction, or I have a question about something, call
the company and hopefully that gets resolved. And thatís pretty much it? Thatís how you do it ñ thatís how you resolve
your water loss.