We all need a safety net. With a personal
umbrella liability policy from Amica insurance, you get additional financial protection
against unexpected and costly events. Sound complicated? It’s not. Umbrella
insurance provides liability coverage over and above the liability limits on
your auto, home and boat insurance policies. Your
umbrella policy kicks in when the liability limits those
policies have been exhausted. Even one unexpected incident can put
your savings, property and future earnings at risk.
Umbrella insurance is designed to protect you and give you peace of mind when faced with a major claim or lawsuit. For example, let’s say you’re found at
fault for an automobile accident. The cost of the injuries to others is $750,000, but the bodily injury limits on your auto policy is $500,000. An umbrella policy will cover you for the remaining $250,000, up to the limits you choose. Umbrella
insurance also provides protection against car
accidents while driving in another country, accidents that occur at your
home, libel, slander and defamation of
character. On average, a million dollar umbrella
policy can cost you less than a dollar a day – not bad for extra peace of mind and
security. So, how much coverage should you have? That’s where we come in. Amica can help determine the amount that
best fits your needs. Visit our website or give us a call, and
we’ll be happy to assist you.