Today I want to talk to you about the need for a reinsurance system in an insurance organization. Reinsurance is a complex business The complexity is derived from various factors for instance Every reinsurance contract can be very diverse. I have proportional reinsurance contracts, non-proportional various layers in the reinsurance contract, various sections based on lines of business, coverages, regions, whatever parameters you’ll have. And then I’ll have various types of calculations attachment rules in every reinsurance contract. And on top of that you connect all the reinsurance contracts as an entire program a composite reinsurance program which is complex in itself. So once you’ve set up the reinsurance contracts, then you have the ongoing activity of attaching policies, attaching claims to the reinsurance contract dong the appropriate allocation and all the relevant calculations. So it is quite complex and you need a very good system in order to manage that. It’s not about headcount, it’s more about having accuracy in your reinsurance program, making sure you have the correct result. It’s not just about managing the contracts and all the allocations required. It’s also about accounting about having a proper Repository of information for all business requirements, the decision-making for management, all the statistics regulatory reports, ongoing statements and reports for the reinsurance counterparties, and also for various reports in the organization. So it’s not just about managing the information. it’s not just about producing the actual accounts every period, but also end to end, having all the information for all business purposes across the organization. You