[Music Playing] Jody: The Cover-More Bali Project is underway
to, um, provide support for anyone who is hospitalized. We know we have a lot of travellers
coming at this time of year from Australia, uh, the market of Indonesia is around 3 million
people last year and Australia’s about 25% of that market. So it’s one of our most
popular destinations and we wanted to have someone here during this busy time of the
year, um, correlating to the number of families travelling together to, uh, to if you do get
hospitalized, particularly if you’re on your own, a lot of people travelling on their
own, some people are under 25, might never have been hospitalized before. So, we wanted
to have someone here, to be able to speak with them, relate with them, uh gather all
of the information they need, so that Cover-More can have a look to cover their medical expenses
and keep up-to-date and note of their being provided with perfect care. [Music Playing] Jody: So, the types of cases we have are different. We’ve had on average between, um, 20 and
40 cases open all at any one time. Dr. Reno: We have various cases here, from
accident trauma such as motor-bike accident, motor-sports, or even simple slip and falls,
and uh, we have other simple cases like diarrhea or, uh, dengue fever, just, regular, regular
upper respiratory tract infections and once in a while we get cases such as heart attack,
stroke, or, uh, any other problems. Jennifer: Uh, Never been out of Australia
in my life. I’ve had a good time, I’ve met such beautiful people and then I got sick,
but, because of your company, Cover-More, I was handled really well. Had everything
done, the staff here is brilliant. Can’t walk down there without an escort, I keep
calling them my body-guards. [laughing] Jody: So, the response to having a Cover-More
rep on the ground has been really overwhelming, uh, it’s the first of its kind for a travel
insurance company, um, because of the positive feedback from being here, it’s something
we’d really like to continue, uh, we’ve even had a couple of hugs from policy holders
along the way. [Music Playing]