– What’s going on guys? Fuller here, with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. You guys left a bunch of comments on our top five wheels under 1000 dollars, so we figured we’d bring you
the top five tires on a budget. So, for this video, we’re
gonna base all the prices off a complete set of four
tires, with free shipping, to the lower 48 states, as well as free mounting and balancing if you get a complete package. And then, for sizes, we’re comparing 33 by 12 and a halfs for 20 inch wheels. Mudtires and hybrids are both extremely popular in the truck market, so you’ll find both of these on this list. So we determine what makes
the list of the top five based on popularity data off our website, and personal experiences from people around the shop who have run them. And the best news is, all of these tires are under 1000 bucks. Let’s get into it. (staccato violins) (construction sounds) So, starting at number five on the list is the Atturo Trail Blade XT. So, the XT is a hybrid tire
and the most popular 33X12.5. So, people tend to gravitate
more towards the XT rather than the MT, or
Mudtire, from Atturo simply because you can get
better mileage out of these. So, the XT is the second
highest priced tire on (mumbles) So, the XT is actually the
second highest price tire on our list, but it
still falls plenty short of that 1000 dollar ceiling. The biggest downfall to the XT is that it doesn’t run true to size, which isn’t super uncommon
in the tire world, but, on these Atturos,
it’s really noticeable. So, this means if you’re taking the 12.5 and planning to stretch
it on a 14 wide wheel you’re going to really notice that stretch because even on a 12 wide wheel and you’re running the
12 and a half inch tire, you still, you don’t quite have that straight up and down sidewall, ’cause like I said they do
run a little bit narrow. It does one of these. (whistles) Stretchy. Number four on the list
is the Federal Couragia MT and I’ve actually personally
ran a set of these and they did exactly
what I needed them to do. The Federal Couragia MT is known for its very aggressive tread pattern and they’re also known for being, well, cheap, but cheap in a good way, I guess. Sure, they’re loud and they can wear fast if you don’t properly rotate ’em, but for the price you pay for these tires, in some cases, you can actually
buy two sets of Federals, rather than one set of
like, Nittos or Toyos. So, according to Federal,
“The uniquely designed “incremental block edge
quickly sheds dirt, sand, “and gravel for impressive
off-road traction.” That’s up to you to
decide if you believe it. Federal has been a huge name in the motorsports racing
community for years and they were actually founded in 1954, but didn’t start developing
the Couragia line until 2003. Either way, this is a really mean, aggressive looking tire
for the price point. Pow! Sports. Number three on our list
is actually a football! No, we’re actually doing “the work”. So, coming in at number three
is the Road One Cavalry, which is basically the
same price as a Federal, but chances are, you’ve never heard of it and I was sort of in the same boat. So, I asked around the
shop to see if anybody had ran these tires and the answer was no, so, I took it into my own hands and went where everybody should go if they wanna look something up, Google. Even there, it was proving difficult to find reviews on this tire. Yet, somehow, according to
the data on our website, plenty of people are selecting this tire when building their
wheel and tire package. I was able to find one article that did shed some light
on the Roadone brand. The Italian firm Pirelli
recently announced a 90 million dollar joint venture with the Chinese tire company. The Pirelli Roadone factory actually uses Pirelli equipment and
technology to build these tires, but, because the truck
tires are produced in China, they’re able to keep the cost down. Pirelli says, “This is not an existing, “shoddley made Chinese factory
that we have bought into. “This is a custom made, brand new factory “with the most advanced
production technologies.” So, if any of you have Roadone tires, let us know in the comments below, ’cause there’s not a ton of
info on these guys online. Coming in at number two, it’s actually the cheapest tire on our
list of the top five tires, the Free Passer X-Cross MT. If you’re a subscriber
from our early days, or you just binge watched 900 videos on the Custom Offsets TV YouTube channel, you probably remember the CO
Avy, our 2004 Chevy Avalanche. Over the years, it’s had
more wheel and tire set ups than I care to count, but the most recent was a set of Scorpions wrapped
in these Free Passer MTs. They’re an aggressive looking mudtire with a 15 millimeter tread depth that actually extends
over the side of the tread and onto the sidewall for extra protection while off-roading. So, with these tires,
you can actually save a pretty decent amount of money on your wheel and tire package, if you’re willing to take the risk and take on some added road noise, as well as the potential for
balancing or vibration issues, but some of that just comes
with buying cheap tires. The moral of the story with cheap tires is you get what you pay for. If you’re willing to take the risk, then you can definitely
save a lot of money. The number one tire on our
list, drum roll please. (hand drum roll) The Atturo Trail Blade MT. Now, I know you’re gonna be mad at me because this is actually the
most expensive tire on the list but, like I mentioned before,
you get what you pay for. So, if you head out to
customoffsets.com and you browse our gallery, you’ll find over 3000 people
that are running Atturos and that should count for something. Plenty of people here at
the shop have ran Atturos and you can get away without issues as long as you make sure
you’re rotating properly. One of the guys here, Justin,
ran a set on his Ford F150 and he was pulling his camper
halfway across the country. After about 35000 miles,
he said he still had like, 40 percent tread remaining, which is excellent out of a mudtire. Whereas most brands have a car line-up and then they also have a
little bit in the truck market, Atturo actually focuses
its main production line on the truck and SUV market. So, according to Atturo
they use a specially crafted aluminum segmented mold to
build the Trail Blade MT. They said the construction
creates a higher degree of uniformity throughout the tire, but like anything, there’s
a downside as well. Like I mentioned before, there’s no secret in the truck community that the Atturos tend to run a little narrower, so you have to keep that in
mind when ordering these. So, if there’s another
video you guys wanna see. Uh, any five things videos. Drop them in the comments below. Let us know what you wanna see. Hope you enjoyed this one, uh, kinda throwin’ out some budget tires, if you’re looking to save a bit of money, but still wanna build your truck, definitely check out
CustomOffsets.com. We can usually hook you up
with the best package prices and give you some deals, as long as you’re bundling those together. We also sell lift kits, spacers, lighting, everything you need to build your truck. All at CustomOffsets.com. Peace. (something rattles) I broke the microphone. – (JR) And Shawn, if you wanna know why our microphones are broken, here’s a video example as to why. – (Fuller) Oops.