Volvo Trucks – New technology prevents accidents by making trucks “more human”

As our cities grow, more cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles must share the roads, resulting in difficult and sometimes dangerous traffic situations. Volvo Trucks has now developed an entirely new technology which could eliminate the risk of accidents completely. This unique system is able to analyse and respond to a truck's surroundings. The technology allows

Volvo Trucks – What’s hiding under the hood of The Iron Knight – Trucks Anatomy (E05)

FÄLLFORS AIRFIELD - FÄLLFORS, SWEDEN This doesn't happen to me every day. I'm sitting inside The Iron Knight, Volvo's latest high-performance record-breaking truck. Sitting next to me is Swedish truck-racing legend Boije Ovebrink. In a moment he's gonna show me exactly what The Iron Knight can do. OK, Boije, let's go. It's grumbly,