N. Korea launched 3 non-life insurance firms to attract foreign capital: report

North Korea appears to be trying to develop its insurance industry. According to the Seoul-based Korea Institute of Finance, in 2016 and 2017, the North launched three new non-life insurers. Before there had been only one for the whole country. The new ones are Pukguksong Insurance, responsible for fire, technology and agriculture,... Samhae

Korea′s automobile exports dip for 2nd year in 2014 자동차 수출량 2년째 감소, 수출액은 사상 최대

Korea′s auto exports dipped for the second straight year in 2014,... due largely to the sluggish market in Eastern Europe and Latin America. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy says overseas shipments of Korean automobiles just edged past three million units last year,... down 0-point-9 percent from the previous year. The ministry