[whimsical music] [whimsical music] [holiday music] [holiday music] Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Don’t run in your grandmother’s house. Show a little respect.
Slow down, be careful. Ok. What are you doing? (all)
We want to watch a movie. A movie? That sounds fun. Do you want some popcorn?
Maybe apples? (all)
Yes please! Okay. I’ll bring you some. Okay. [Music from The Wizard of Oz] This movie’s boring. Want to do something else? Yeah. Hey? Come on. Let’s do something else. Like what? Like play. Let’s play something else. Okay. Tomorrow grandma will be home. You want to play a game? Yeah, that’s fine. Ow! Ah, a trunk! I’m curious
what’s inside? [latch clicks] Oh this one is going to be mine! It’s all girls stuff in here. Here, let’s try this. Is there more stuff for me? Hey! Don’t throw that book.
Books are precious. Hmmm, look at their clothes. They look like they’re
from a long time ago. This book looks like historical fiction. What’s that you just spelled? Historical fiction means,
a made up story, with some real and some invented characters,
happened a long time ago. You know how boys are,
they’re not motivated to learn. They’d rather be playing outside. This looks neat.
Think it’s part of the story? I love books. I can’t wait
to read this one. Hmmm. I’m curious too. What happened to the movie?
I thought you guys were watching a movie? The tornado was dumb. It was boring. It was dumb. The tornado?
That was my favorite part. What did you find in that box
from long ago? We found this. Ahh, this was my favorite book
when I was a little girl. It’s very old, so be careful with it. Enjoy. Look what happened to this. Well, I expected that.
It’s a very old book. Tears are going to happen easily. But from now on, treasure it
and be careful ok. It’s an old book passed down from
my great, great, great grandmother. Okay. Well, enjoy your snack. See you later. Do you want me to read
the story to you? Yes! Yes! Yes! Okay. Once upon a time there
was a king and a queen. And the two of them ruled
a kingdom together. The time it was winter. [gasps] I wish I had a baby. With black hair like my king’s.
And red lips like a heart. And white skin like my robe. Oh my loving husband! I want to tell you that we
will become parents soon. Wow that’s wonderful! We’re going to be become parents. I’m so excited! The queen’s wish was granted
and she gave birth to a baby girl. The baby girl’s skin was white as snow. Her lips were as red as blood.
And her hair was as black as ebony. And her name was Snow White.
The queen loved her baby daughter. For three years, they were together. Three years? Why only three years? Hey! Let Rosalia finish the story.
Be patient. Snow White reminds me of you. She’s a beautiful girl. Yes, you’re right. That’s a butterfly, a beautiful butterfly. Yes. That’s a beautiful butterfly. Oh and that’s a rabbit. Yeah, that’s a rabbit.
Did you see that? And that’s a deer. See, that’s a raccoon. Oh, he’s so cute. Mother, is that a bird? Yes. Sadly, the queen became sick and died. The king remarried a new woman,
who was beautiful, but proud and cruel. I’m sorry to tell you, your mother
got sick and died. But wait. Look, there’s a new queen. My new mother looks beautiful and nice. That woman studied black magic. She had a magical mirror. And that mirror she would ask
questions of every day. You mean a mirror like that one? Yes, it’s a mirror, but a different
kind of mirror. It’s a magic mirror. I’m curious too. Let her continue
to read the story. Everyday, and that stepmother’s
name was Sandevil. She would talk with the mirror. Mirror, mirror on the wall,
who’s the most beautiful of all? You my Queen Sandevil
are the most beautiful of them all. I am the most beautiful queen. My hair is so lovely. My lips are so red and soft. And my lashes are lovely. Yeah, you’re hair looks
like a rat’s nest. And you lips are like a fish.
Please! Tell me again, who is the
most beautiful of all? Yes you are beautiful, but Snow White
is more beautiful than you. [suspenseful music] What? She is more beautiful than me? Go get the guard now! Yes my queen. You, go bring me the huntsman now! Yes, I will. I’m going to prove to you
that you are wrong. I’m the most beautiful.
Do you understand? Queen Sandevil, the huntsman. My queen. I want you to go get Snow White
and go deep in the forest… and kill her! And I want proof. Take her heart, put it in the box
and give it to me. Yes Queen Sandevil.
I will do as you wish. Hi Snow White. The king hasn’t seen you in a while. Shall we go back through the woods? Okay. Sure. Why are we here?
And what are we doing? Well, to be honest, Queen Sandevil
wants you dead. What? Why? Sandevil wants you to kill me? Queen Sandevil hates you
because you’re beautiful. No! No, no, no. No! Don’t hurt her! Go away! Huh, what am I going to do? What am I going to do? Hey. Hey. I’m not going to kill you.
I won’t. I don’t care what Sandevil says.
Run away! Just run away! Oh, thank you!
Thank you, thank you! The box! I totally forgot, I need
Snow White’s heart. What am I going to do? [grunting boar] There’s a boar. [squealing boar] The Huntsman happened
to see a wild boar. He captured it and killed it
and removed it’s heart. Put it in a box. Does this mean the Huntsman
is planning to fool the Queen? Yes, that’s right.
Books can be interesting! Yes. Continue reading, I want more. Queen Sandevil, it is done. Snow White’s heart is in the box. Put the box there. My queen. You can go. Such a big heart, for a little girl. There’s a house over there. Blue bird, help her find her way. [chirping bird] Oh, I’m so tired and hungry. [hooting owl] Thank you. It was dark and there were seven dwarves
walking through the forest. Now you see, those dwarves
would go into the mountains
where they would mine for gold. Anyway, the dwarves were
walking through the forest and they happen to see their home and saw
a light glowing through their window. And they were confused by this. Huh? Hey. Come here. That is strange. Look. That is very strange, I mean the candle
is supposed to be out. It wasn’t me. [gasps] Who’s been sitting in my chair? That is strange. But I am so very hungry.
Let’s sit down. Hey, did you eat my apple? Not me. Did you eat my banana? Did you eat my carrot? No. Not me. Ha, ha, ha. Hey!
What’s up with that? Hey! And all my porridge is gone. It’s not right. Everything’s moved around. The apple, the carrot, the banana,
the drink and even your porridge. This is very strange indeed.
I don’t like it. I’ll be right back. [twinkling music] Huh? Who is she? She ate our food. Wow, she’s a beautiful girl. Yeah. Uh huh. We should leaver her until morning. Let her sleep, don’t wake her up. I’m Snow White.
And who are you? I’m Sunday. I’m Monday. I’m Tuesday. And I’m Wednesday. I’m Thursday. I’m Friday. And I am Saturday, me lady. How did you find us here? My stepmother, the evil Queen Sandevil,
tried to kill me. [gasps] But the huntsman let me go
and I ran through the forest. And my animal friends
helped me come here. Hey, hey, I was thinking an idea. I was thinking maybe Snow White
can stay with us. Yeah, she can take care
of us like a mom. Nah, nah, nah, hmph! Can you clean house? Will you cook for us? And make our beds, I mean
like really neat, right.
Can you do that? And like can you knit and sew? And can you wash the dishes?
Huh? And if you can keep things really neat,
we can give you anything that you want. Yeah, looky here. [jingling] We’ll give you anything you want. But where will Snow White sleep? I’ll be happy to be with you
and don’t worry, I’ll sleep on the floor. Snow White was very happy
with the dwarves. And every morning, the dwarves
would go into the mountains to mine
and to collect more gold. But every evening they would come home and Snow White would have food ready
for them and the house would be clean. Mirror, mirror, who’s the
most beautiful of all? I have a feeling that Sandevil
will find out that Snow White is still alive. Yeah, for sure.
Sandevil is going to be angry. Just wait and see. Are you ready for me
to continue with the story? You Queen Sandevil are beautiful it is true. But Snow White, who lives in the woods
in a small house with the seven dwarves, is still more beautiful than you. I get it now. The huntsman tricked me. Ooh. You, go out and bring me some flowers. [dark, spooky music] [dark, spooky music] Ooh, I hate Snow White.
I want to kill her! But how? Ooh, the magic book.
That’ll help me. I want to trick Snow White.
I’ll become a hag. Let’s see, I need a stinky lizard. Next, a spider. Hmm. Here we go. A dragonfly. This will do. Last one. A blast of wind to fan my meanness. A thunderbolt to mix it well. Now begins my magic spell. [thunder strikes] Now Snow White won’t know who I am. First, salt. Next, red pepper. Now, black pepper. Last, poppyseed. [bubbling] [evil laughing] [thunderbolt strikes] [galloping and neighing] [flute solo] Hello blue bird. Hello rabbit. Hello deer.
Hello raccoon. Hello Mr. Owl. Now, are you all ready for me
to read you a story? There once was and old woman… [gasps] Hey! Get off of me. [owl hoots] Hmm? Who’s that? Ewww! Look at the beautiful flowers. Would you like some for you house?
Very fragrant. [strumming harp] No. Don’t accept those flowers.
Those are from strangers. Don’t do it. [strumming harp] Hey, hey, hey. that’s a sweet old lady.
Go ahead and accept those flowers. It’s fine. Don’t listen to that
other fairy over there. The dwarves are so nice to me.
I really would love to take those flowers. They would smell so lovely. Yes, I’d like to have them. Bye bye Snow White. [evil laughing] Mirror, mirror on the wall,
who’s the most beautiful of all? You my Queen Sandevil
are the most beautiful of them all. [gasps] What’s wrong with her? I think she smelled some poison flowers. She won’t wake up. Oh no! What are we going
to do with her? Can you help? Ehh. I have an idea. I know how
to wake her up. Your feet are the stinkiest things around. Why not put them near her nose? Hey, that’s a good idea.
You got it. You trying to insult me? But you’re right. I do have
the stinkiest feet in town. [cascading chimes] Ohh! What stinks? (all)
Yay! She’s all right! Do you see? Not supposed
to talk to strangers. Look what happened to Snow White. She was feeble minded and people
are not always honest. Mirror, mirror, who’s the most
beautiful of all? I know you’ve already told me before, but I would love for you to repeat it over
and over again. Please? You Queen Sandevil
are beautiful it is true, but Snow White is even more
beautiful than you. What? That’s impossible.
She’s dead. I just– No, she’s alive and well. She’s still living with the seven dwarves. I’m tired of discussing this with you. [screaming] Get out of here! Uh! Snow White is not dead!
I want her dead, but how? I know, I’ll use poison.
But with what? You remind me of Snow White,
sweet and precious. If I put poison in you,
for sure Snow White will die. I’ll just become a hag again. I know what to do. It’s ready. [coughing] [thunder strikes] I will fool Snow White again.
She’ll die for sure. Snow White will take a bite
of this apple and die. A snake skin.
Hmmm. A bird feather.
There we go. Deer antler. A sea shell. A sea sponge. And last, a drop of frog’s blood. [evil laughing] Would you mind if I borrowed one
of your blue feathers for my cap? The boy was watching over the sheep. [bird chirps] Who’s that? I bet she’s going to fool
Snow White again? Oh, do you agree
with Shanna’s prediction? Yeah, I agree with her? Why? Well, in fairytales, I noticed that there’s problem
after problem that keeps showing up. And then finally there’s a solution. And in fairytales, there tends
to be a happy ending. So, I don’t think Snow White will really die. Do you want me to continue reading
so we can see what happened? Hello? I have some beautiful red apples. Would you like to make
an apple pie for desert? [strumming harp] No! Remember?
She’s a stranger. Don’t eat those apples.
No! No, no, no! Oh, no thank you. Watch. You can trust me. See. [burning swoosh] Hey, an apple pie sounds good.
The dwarves will love it. Go ahead and take a bite. The dwarves really are so nice to me. I think I will make them an apple pie. Would you let me try a bite,
just to see. [snickering] Sleep forever. Mirror, mirror, who’s the most
beautiful of all? You my Queen Sandevil
are the most beautiful of them all. [all gasping] Ohhhh curses!!! [crying] What happened? She’s cold. Is she dead? I think she ate that poison apple. That Sandevil! Our Snow White is dead.
Oh no! [crying] I’ve got an idea. I shall make a glass coffin
for her. Okay? (dwarves)
Yeah, okay. I’ll go make it now. [angelic music] [angelic music] [galloping] Whoa boy! Who is that? This is Snow White. And she is a princess. And she took care of us. And really, she ate a bite
of a poisonous apple
and she died. [crying] Oh right. I remember and old lady
with a basket of apples. She’s probably the one
who fooled Snow White. We have set her up here because,
well it is so beautiful by the water. [hysterical crying] I would love to see her.
Can you lift this up? We will. Yes. By crikey, she’s beautiful. I’ve searched for her my entire life
and now my heart is breaking
just like all of yours. [cascading chimes] [dwarves cheering] What happened? Did you take a bite of like,
a poisonous apple? Yes, I remember taking
a bite of the apple. I wanted to make an apple pie for you. I’m sorry I took something
from a stranger. The prince cried and cried and cried. Yeah, and the tear fell on
your cheek and you woke up! A prince? What prince? You’re a prince? That’s right. And your beautiful.
Will you marry me? Yes. [dwarves cheering] [Violins playing Canon in D] You love her? Yes. You love him? Yes. Finite. You’re married. Where’s Queen Sandevil? Mirror, mirror who’s
the most beautiful of all? You my Queen are beautiful it’s true, but the new queen is a thousand times
more beautiful than you. New Queen? What? I want to see it for myself! [intense music] Ahh! She’s not breathing! [cascading chimes] You’re all right. What happened? I guess you fell
and hit your head. I don’t understand why
you care about me? I’ve been trying to hurt you
for a long time. My father loves you, he married you. I’ve always wanted the three of us
to be happy family. Why do you hate me? Well, I was jealous of you.
You’re young and beautiful. And I’m becoming old and ugly. I was afraid that if my beauty faded,
that the people of the kingdom
wouldn’t want me. No, no, no. Beauty comes
from the inside, not the outside. I know that your heart is beautiful. Please, will you forgive me for hurting you? Yes, of course I forgive you.
You’re my mother. [triumphant music] Good bye. Oh my sweet children. Sweet. We finished the book.
It was a good story. I love happy endings.