Following a motor vehicle accident, you will be contacted by your insurance company. They will ask questions about the accident and your injuries. It is usually OK to provide them
with the information they need. However, beware of a call
from an insurance agent representing the at-fault party. This agent, also known as an
insurance adjuster, will also be asking questions
about the accident and your injuries. Be careful. The information you provide him
will be used against you. You have no obligation to talk to him. Know your rights before you give him any information. The adjuster will try to offer you a settlement
as compensation for your injuries. The money offered may seem attractive, but it is rarely a fair assessment
of the circumstances. It is important to consult a lawyer
to properly assess your situation and the expenses related to your injuries. This will allow you to
receive full compensation. The adjuster might also tell you that you only have a few weeks
to accept the offer, implying that you won’t be entitled
to compensation if you refuse. In fact, the law says that you have two years from the date
of the accident to make an insurance claim. There is no need for you to
rush into accepting an offer. If you accept an offer, and complications from your injuries arise later, it will be too late for you
to recover additional compensation. Your case will be considered closed. Take your time and know your rights
before accepting a settlement. Do not let the adjuster dictate
the outcome of your situation. Don’t accept an offer you may regret later – contact your legal representative
as soon as possible.