After an incident where a person is injured,
such as between a bicyclist and a car, both parties are going to get calls from insurance
companies. And insurance companies want to take a statement
because they want to find out what happened and document their file. If it is very clear in the person’s mind
what did occur, it might be appropriate to talk to the insurance adjuster. However, if you are in doubt as to what occurred,
you probably ought to talk to a lawyer before you talk to the insurance adjuster. You may talk to your own insurance company
about what occurred, but if you give a recorded statement, that may be disclosed to the other
side in any type of litigation. In addition to that, if you suffer serious
injury and you do anticipate filing something like a lawsuit to recover your money, you
should not talk to the insurance adjuster before you talk to a lawyer. The insurance company’s agents are trained
to ask questions. And they are trained to ask questions to make
it look like their insured was not at fault. And, that is their job. You don’t want to talk to them without having
a chance to talk to a lawyer first. For more information, please go to our website