Sampo is a listed company
with its headquarters in Helsinki. Sampo Group is made up of Sampo plc and its
subsidiaries If P&C Insurance and Mandatum Life. There are approximately 6,800 employees in
Sampo Group, the majority of which work at If. Sampo is a major shareholder in Nordea,
the largest Nordic banking group. Nordea is an associated company of Sampo. If P&C is the largest property and casualty insurer in the
Nordic region and the second largest in the Baltic region. Meanwhile, the Danish property and casualty
insurer Topdanmark is an associated company of If. The life insurance company Mandatum Life
offers savings and investment products under an insurance wrapper,
as well as risk insurance. The parent company, Sampo plc, administers
its subsidiaries and coordinates Sampo Group’s central operations, which include investment
operations, risk management and Group accounts. If P&C, a subsidiary of Sampo,
is the leading property and casualty insurer in the Nordic region with
more than 6,000 employees. The company has 3.6 million customers
spread over seven countries. If receives more than 1.5 million
claim applications each year over one-third of which
are reported on the Internet. Finland is the frontrunner amongst the Nordic
countries in the use of electronic services with two-thirds of the claims of If’s
private customers reported on the Internet. If handles claims for more than
400,000 damaged cars each year. In addition, If outsources repairs to homes and commercial
properties totaling over 200 million euros on an annual basis. The company also provides compensation for
thousands of broken or stolen smartphones each year. The promptness of If’s claims handling process has
proven to be a pleasant surprise for many customers. Surveys have shown that those private customers, who have had
personal experience of If’s claims handling process, have expressed considerable satisfaction with If.