Hi, my name is John Decker, and I am a lawyer
in the personal injury and workers’ compensation departments at the Joye Law Firm. The stress of being involved in a car wreck
is bad enough on its own, but can be much worse when your child is also in the car with
you. Fortunately, child safety seats do a pretty
good job of protecting kids in the majority of collisions. However, just because your
child’s car seat did a good job the first time, doesn’t mean you should rely on it to
do the same a second time. Most carseat manufacturers recommend replacing
the car seat after any collision, regardless of the severity or type of collision, even
if your child was not in the car at the time. In any case, it is the at-fault driver’s insurance
company that is responsible for replacing the carseat. Replacing a carseat is the type of claim that
many insurance companies may not tell you about up front. So if you have been injured
in a collision, whether your child was with you or not, it is important that you seek
the advice of a lawyer to make sure that ALL of your rights are protected. If you have been injured in a car wreck, I
encourage you to call us right away at 1-888-324-3100.