My name is Mirna Samawi. I’m a Reinsurance Officer at Arab Jordan Insurance Group I found out about The Arab Insurance Institute from LinkedIn and I visited their website to learn more about their courses although anyone can follow the Arab Insurance Institute on LinkedIn to receive notifications about upcoming courses They sent a notification from LinkedIn to myself and to my General Manager about this Reinsurance course and he nominated me to attend the course which was very beneficial to me A nice thing about the course is that it’s interactive and has activities we can actively participate instead of just viewing what is displayed on a board My name is Lena Krekorian We received an invitation to participate in this course sent to our company Being working in the reinsurance department I benefited a lot from the course especially with the given examples and I advise everyone to take this course I am Maria Shakouri and I work as an Underwriter I learnt about this course from my company who sent me an email about it I met new people working in Reinsurance and other areas during this course which benefited us in sharing our experiences and I also benefited from this course in my own work I’m Isra’a Qtaish from Jerusalem Insurance Company and I work as an accountant in the financial department I don’t have a lot of interaction in my work with the reinsurance area and my General Manager informed me about this course and nominated me to attend it to gain new knowledge and learn more about Reinsurance The course was very good and gave me a lot of new ideas and new terminologies I didn’t know the meaning before So I strongly recommend anyone who wants to obtain new knowledge and comprehensively learning about Reinsurance to take this course