>>Reynolds: They’re everywhere. You almost never
drive and you don’t see a heavy-duty vehicle, but most people don’t give a
thought to how dirty they really are. To combat climate change, we need to reduce
those carbon emissions. [music]>>Lastoskie: there’s certain types of vehicles that
are going to be really hard to electrify just because they’re so huge, and that’s
where this mobile capture concept comes into play.>>Reynolds: the CO2 -laden gas will
go through a porous material. If it’s designed properly, and it’s functioning
in ideal conditions, then we can capture 70 to 80% of all CO2 emissions. Once
we’ve reached capacity, we can use steam, we can use hot gas, vacuum pressure and
then regenerate our material so we can repeat that cycle over and over again.>>Lastoskie: My view of climate changes all-hands-on-deck and we have to throw
every available technology to get us across the finish line.>>Reynolds: We have this
practical way to stop heavy-duty freight emissions now and the potential for that
is huge