Oh, I became a doctor
because I was born to be a doctor. I loved practicing medicine. Valerie was an emergency
medicine physician and very good at
what she was doing. Unfortunately,
when I met Valerie, she had a condition
called ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis
is bowel disease and I had multiple
surgeries, hopefully, to cure it but it just
didn’t work. I had a group disability policy
in my training program that was converted
to a private policy as I graduated
and started my private practice. Valerie and her team came together
and decided that it would be best for Valerie to stop
her medical practice and to try to
go on disability. Suddenly,
find yourself a single mom, unable to practice medicine
with three children under five. I was able to pay the mortgage
and put food on the table and give them a great education
because of that disability policy. Tim and I met through
our insurance agent, Larry Ricke. Larry and I
became acquainted through one of the
printing companies that I owned. He thought that it would
be a good idea for us to be acquainted
with each other. About six months
after we started talking, we decided we
would meet in person. And history followed,
they ended up getting married and now we merged
two families together. Larry had suggested
that I have disability insurance and after meeting Valerie, I soon realized that
it was the right thing to do. Tim woke up in the
middle of the night and said, “Valerie, I’ve got this
funny feeling in my chest.” and we ended up
in the emergency room, and the next day,
at the cardiologist’s office, we found that
he had aortic aneurysm. We ended up
having open heart surgery, fixing the aneurysm. I came out of that surgery
a really different person mentally. During the surgery,
he had some intraoperative events that lead to him
being unable to work. Hard to believe that
this would happen twice. Valerie and Tim
had their struggles today with our help, but what
they don’t have to worry about is their financial income. The most important insurance you’ll
ever buy is disability insurance, because without your income,
nothing else works. All the kids have a bright future
because we had a disability policy.