– What’s going on guys, Fuller
here from Custom Offsets, TBL YouTube with Kota who you
probably haven’t seen before, I think it’s your first
time on video, right? – Yeah. – Yeah, but you might have
talked to him on Instagram; he handles all the Instagram
comments and all the DMs, so fill up the inbox and
give him some overtime. Today we’ve got a special
episode of From the Gallery, this time we’re doing all YouTuber trucks, so I actually haven’t seen these yet, we had the guys pick them,
threw them up on the computer, so we’re gonna go through
and give them a rating. What we typically do is
a scale of one to 10, one being not so good, and
10 being really awesome. So, I guess we’ll just
jump right into this. Oh, who picked this? The old Sevois Duramax. So we’ve got to rate
a truck that we built. If you guys didn’t know
that we work with those guys to built their trucks so they
can haul around their sleds and pull their trailers. So, it’s wrapped in this, carbon gray, anthracite– – It’s like a digital camo– – Yeah, it’s got a blue and
white camo on the back half, and then part of the
plastic bumper up front. And it’s on some anthems, of course, BDS suspension, fox shocks, all from memory. I’m definitely not looking
at the video right now. Okay, all right. Well, you saw this one
in person, and so did I, so it should be pretty easy to do. – Yeah. – All right. Three, two, one. Nine.
– Six. – Six? – Yeah. – Are you kidding me? (laughing) Why six? – I like it, I like the wrap. – Did you see how it was before we did it? – I got a little bit of a glimpse of it. – Because before it was
like a three for sure. – Yeah, definitely. Well, after we redid it, it
definitely brought up the number a little bit. – [Fuller] Yeah. – [Kota] But, it’s still not as wild as I’m really into. – [Fuller] Yeah, it’s not super crazy. – [Kota] It’s a pretty modest
build, and it looks good, especially with the wrap and everything. – [Fuller] And I think that’s kind of what they were going for too, because they didn’t
want anything too crazy, because they still need to use the truck. – But apparently out by
them, he was so excited, because he was like, this is
the biggest truck out here now. – Yeah, yeah. They’re from a real small
town, so there’s not a lot of people there that
have giant, lifted trucks. But your build too, you’ve
been working on it forever, and you’re touching every
piece of the truck, everything, attention to detail to the max, so that’s where I guess
I can see the difference of this realistically wrapped, tint, wheels, tires, suspension, that’s pretty much it, pulled the running boards
off, stuff like that, but for the amount you pay to get something like this, I think it turned out pretty good. – Oh yeah, definitely. – Durtymaxjack. I actually haven’t, I’ve
never seen this truck before. – [Kota] I haven’t seen it either. – [Fuller] Are those specialties? Which truck are we looking at? – [Kota] Really low
pro tires on there too. – [Fuller] I think those are, aren’t they? Specialty Forged. – [Kota] Oh yeah. – [Fuller] Got some teal
accents, blacked out tail lights, black everything other than
all the chrome accents. So you’ve got black,
chrome, and teal going on, and then some Specialties,
with some milling. But black tail lights
and everything like that, license plate cover. – [Kota] That’s cool. – [Fuller] That does make
it look really clean. Oh, and engine work… – Not a lot of people
are into that low-pro, stretch tire look. I actually really like it. – I think on this truck, I
think he did it really well. – Especially since it’s
not lifted too crazy. – [Fuller] Maybe a leveling kit? – [Kota] Maybe it’s level or something. – [Fuller] Yeah, I kind of dig this. One of those Nitto Terra
Grapplers probably. Looks like it, but definitely stretched. – [Kota] Black on black on black. – And then you just throw
a little teal at it. – Yeah, the teal really sets it off. – What do you think those are? 14 wides? Probably 14, based on the tire stretch. Okay, you got a number? – Yeah. – Three, two, one. Eight and half.
– Eight. I said eight. – It’s pretty similar. I love the way the truck looks, I just wish there was a
straight up and down side wall, and maybe you can’t find a
tire that fits these wheels, just because there’s a
limited size available, but, it looks sweet, not being so tall, but still being really wide, and then being a Denali,
it’s just good quality. – [Kota] I still like that black look, even though a lot of people run it, but just an extra little
pop of that teal color. – [Fuller] Yeah, so it’s
not just the plain black. – Yeah. – I dig it, I think it’s pretty sweet. But yeah, eight and a half. I don’t know if I would do the teal, but it does have a bit
of chrome on there too, I’m not sure what I would do with it, but, I like it the way it is. Dmaxryno. This thing is massive. – [Kota] Yeah, I followed
this guy for a little while. – [Fuller] This thing is huge. He’s got kind of like
a storm-trooper look. Those wheels are a goldish orange color. Oh, he’s got bags too. Man, he’s got everything done here. Dark tint, bags, fuels. – [Kota] Got to have that. – [Fuller] Fuel forged. Coppery bronze color, black barrels, suspension’s powder-coated. I like that color. What do you think of that color? – [Kota] I think it’s a candy color. – [Fuller] Yeah. – [Kota] It looks like it. – [Fuller] Fox coil-overs. This thing’s pretty sick. I haven’t seen this much
detail on this truck. I’ve just seen photos of it. – [Kota] It’s nice to see a
bag truck once in a while. All the newer trucks
these guys are building are just straight coil-over builds, so it’s a nice little change-up. – He’s still got the
running boards on there, stock running boards, all right, you got enough for a number? – Yeah. – All right. Three, two, one. Nine.
– Nine. – Same. Really dig the color, I like the white, black, and
then throw in just a little bit of the coppery bronze color in there, and a little bit orange, I don’t know what color to call it. But it’s sweet. I would just pull off
those running boards. – [Kota] Yeah. – [Fuller] Get some Amp Power steps. – [Kota] I’m not a big fan
of the running boards either, but I do like how big he
went with it, and that– – [Fuller] It’s tall. – [Kota] It’s tall and
it’s wide and that’s– – [Fuller] It’s proportionate. – [Kota] Yeah. – [Fuller] I guess the only other thing that kind of throws me off a
little bit is the ladder bars. They have these holes
drilled in them that… there’s not really a lot of style there. – [Kota] I think the ladder
bars would have been cool if he would have did them
the same copper color. – [Fuller] I don’t know
if it might have been too much though, when
you’re looking at it, if it’s too much color. Because people run into that all the time, where if you overdo the accent color, it can kind of– – People start to wonder
which color of truck. – Yeah, like what are you going for. JW Montoya. So he’s got… This is a little bit older Duramax. They have halos. I remember when halos were like… everybody had to have them. – [Kota] Remember when
they had the LED Concepts in the headlights. – [Fuller] Yup, and all the
color change stuff going on. – [Kota] I see him comment
on our videos quite a bit. – [Fuller] Oh yeah? So, tail lights done,
truck’s wide, crew cab. So he has a different truck
too, obviously, right? – I think he got a new truck, yeah. – So that probably was the truck he used to start the channel, and now he’s got this newer GMC. Oh yeah, see he’s got
this new Duramax too. So kind of the opposite of his last one, which was white, and then
this is all blacked out. I can see the wheels do
have some rivets on them. Rivet styling around the rim. All right. Well do you want to rate
the old one and the new one? – Yeah, we could do that. – All right, so old one. – Okay. – Three, two, one. Six.
– Eight and a half. – I didn’t expect you to rate that high. I feel bad rating it low, but… – [Kota] I like the old one. I really like when he
did the 14 wide setup, and that was kind of a newer thing, not many people running
14 wides and he had his, and it looked like he touched up his suspension components too, a little bit of color,
matching it to the truck, that was really cool. – Yeah, I guess a lot of that stuff too, depending on when he built that, was all, like nobody was doing white
suspension and stuff like that. We were one of the first
people to do it on our truck, and that was in 2015. I’m assuming he probably beat us to it. Yeah I went a little bit lower
on that one just because, for some reason, that body
style isn’t my favorite, which is going to be weird
because I have a ’04 2500 HD. But, when it was lifted
like that, I don’t know, something just drew it off for me. But the new one. Got a number for that? Oh no, three, two, one. Nine.
– Five. – Five? You’re killing me! – I don’t like those new Denalis. – Really? – No. – I think it’s sweet. I dig it. – The interior in those are… – The interior’s really nice. – If you could take the interior of it, and put it on the older
style, I would like that. – The old Denalis back in ’04/’05 they weren’t any different. You got the badging and
some extra chrome trim. But the interiors were still pretty basic. But now the new ones,
they look really nice. – I used to have his old body style. – Oh really? – Sierra, and it was hands
down my favorite truck that I ever owned. – Sweet. Well, that’s it. Those were all the YouTubers’
trucks that we have, because surprisingly I feel like there’s not that many truck YouTubers. There’s so many car guys,
but there’s not a lot of truck people out there. – Lotta car guys. – But, whether you’re a YouTuber or not, if you wanna add your
vehicle to the gallery to have a chance to be
featured on one of our videos, or just on the website in general, you can add it at customoffsets.com/add. If you don’t know what the gallery is, typically what we’re
doing is showing people sizes and specs and offsets, and all that, but since we don’t have all
these guys in the gallery, which they should add, we can’t bring that to you but we can still rate their trucks. If you’re watching this
and we rated your truck, and you don’t agree with us, you can always drop a comment down below, otherwise if you do agree with us, thank you, we appreciate it. This is all fun and games for us, we’re not picking on anybody, no hard feelings to anyone I hope so, if you have stuff to say about us, I’m sure you will. – I’ll deal with it in the comments. – Peace.