– What’s goin’ on guys? Fuller here from Custom
Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube, with Brad and today we’re doin’ another episode of From the Gallery where we take your trucks that you’ve added to the gallery and then we rate them
on a scale of one to 10. One being not so hot, 10 being very hot which is what we are right now in this building with no air conditioning. Are you ready Brad?
– It’s quite comfortable in here today.
– I don’t think so. So, we got a couple trucks picked out. We haven’t seen these before. We’re gonna go through
’em, give ’em a rating, give a brief explanation and
then swing through the next one so first one we’re lookin’ at, 2019 GMC Sierra, 3500 HD. It’s a dually with some fuel mavericks, 20 by eight and a quarter like all duallies are. Negative 240 in the rear. Toyo Open Country 35 at 12 and a halfs and it’s on a five inch Zone kit. – [Brad] Dang. – [Fuller] This is big boss hog. – [Brad] I like this truck, actually. – [Fuller] Really? – [Brad] Yes. – [Fuller] I actually, it looks very nice all, like, color matched and whatnot. I mean. – [Brad] Well, I mean, it’s a Denali. – [Fuller] Yeah I know but it
looks good like that, Brad. – [Brad] It does, it does look good. It’s quite a classy looking truck. – [Fuller] But there’s not really like, there’s no stance to it. – [Brad] Well, it’s a dually. – [Fuller] I know but you can still, like, have, like, an
aggressive lookin’ dually. All right, all right.
– I like it. – You got a number?
– Are we doing decimal points? – Yeah, sure?
– Like in the pizza review? – Yeah, like the pizza reviews. – Okay.
– What’s up Barstool Sports? Okay, three, two, one, six.
– 8.3. Next.
– You gotta explain why. – Why, ’cause I like it.
– I know but. – ‘Cause it’s a super clean. – [Fuller] I mean, I gave it a six. – [Brad] Not lifted too tall. – [Fuller] Because it is
clean but there’s like. – [Brad] To Denali. – [Fuller] There’s no excitement. – [Brad] That’s my style, that’s why. – [Fuller] There’s no excitement for me. – [Brad] I’m not an exciting person. – [Fuller] I feel like
it needs at least 22s. I mean I’m sure it’s a
great working vehicle, probably gets the job done. But if you want flashy, which, like. – [Brad] It’s not flashy,
remember, it’s classy. – [Fuller] But big, big chrome
wheels on a dually, like. – [Brad] You wanted 22s,
those are even bigger. Oh, that’s what you’re sayin’. – [Fuller] That’s what I’m sayin’. No, no, nope, nope, nope. – [Brad] That’s my style, bro, okay? – No, this is your style.
– No not at all. – 2011 Ford F250 Super Duty,
some hardcore off road wheels, 24 by 14s, on some curls. – [Brad] On some rubber bands. – [Fuller] The AZ800
305 35s and it’s level. – [Brad] That’s some stretchy boys. – [Fuller] See now he’s got some aftermarket paint work done. – [Brad] His, it’s reverse leveled. – [Fuller] Yeah. – [Brad] For sure, stretchy boys, oh yeah. – [Fuller] Couple of stretchy boys. – [Brad] Not my style at all. – [Fuller] But I don’t know, whenever, like smoked headlights, window tint. He’s definitely got rubber bands and they’re definitely stretched. I don’t know Brad, kind of like it. – [Brad] Is it a long bed or
a short bed, I can’t tell. – [Fuller] I can’t tell
from these pictures. – [Brad] Short bed. – [Fuller] I think short bed. FX4 package. – [Brad] Whoa. – Yeah dude, mhm. All right, got a number?
– Yes. – Oh boy that’s scary. Three, two, one, seven.
– 3.6. – What, 3.6?
– Not my style, that’s why. – I actually, I kinda like the way, I kinda like the way it looks, that street truck look. I mean, I would want to select maybe a little better wearing tire and maybe one that’s
not quite so stretched if you can find a size that fits. I feel like I’d rather
do a bit more trimming and make a bigger tire fit than run this small. – [Brad] I think I
would like it a lot more if it had a little bit
more sidewall on the tire, little larger diameter tire. – [Fuller] And this kinda does, like, if you’re using your F250
Super Duty for towing, this might not be what you want. – [Brad] Yeah this
truck’s gonna be useless because it’s got. – [Fuller] It’s not useless. – It’s got, like, passenger
tires on it so you know. – If you wanna drive it around and go fast and look cool, it’s great.
– Okay, that’s useful, I guess.
– Whoa. What happened?
– What is that thing? – Wow.
– That is ugly. – [Fuller] What, is this even real? I’m super confused. – [Brad] Oh Rocco,
that’s not from the U.S. – [Fuller] No, it’s a Toyota Helix. – [Brad] Yeah. – [Fuller] This is kinda,
it’s kinda cool though ’cause we don’t. Okay Brad, you can call
it whatever you want. You don’t get to see these. – [Brad] I am calling it the
proper name which is a Hilux. It’s a Rocco. – [Fuller] Yeah. – [Brad] That is pretty ugly. – TRD, I didn’t even know they, I didn’t even know they made a TRD. – Buy one.
– All right, all right. Fuel hardline 20 by 10, Nitto Ridge Graps, in a four inch lift. This guy, let’s see the details. Hey look, he spells tires with a Y. – [Brad] Yeah, definitely
not from America. – [Fuller] Also inch and
a quarter wheel spacers. Make ‘er stick out a little bit. Fender flares, headlights,
other LED lighting. – [Brad] Every accessory. – [Fuller] A snorkle, a bumper. – [Brad] Every bolt on accessory, not almost possible, he
doesn’t have a rooftop tent or a overhead carrier. – [Fuller] Yes. – [Brad] So he doesn’t
have every, does he have the slant back? Oh he’s got a slant back. – [Fuller] Yeah, he’s got the slant back, he’s got the taillights,
he got the mudflaps. He powder coated his. – [Brad] The hitch? – His hitch. Like, the ball’s powder coated
and it’s not worn off at all. So, all right, three, two, one, four.
– 4.6. – Little flashy.
– Dude, you need to start using decimals.
– For me. I’m sorry, Brad. – It’s way too flashy for me but. – [Fuller] Yeah, it’s
entered in the gallery as a Toyota Tacoma. – [Brad] ‘Cause we don’t have
a Hilux option, I think, so. – [Fuller] Right, and if
it was a Toyota Tacoma, I mean, I like Tacomas, but this is just, it’s a little over the top. – It’s a little gaudy. Whoa, I wanna, I was gonna
say something inappropriate. – [Fuller] 2016 Ford
F150, Anthem Equalizers, the 18 by nines and the
Nitto Ridge Grappler, 37 12 and a half, and the
three in a half inch ReadyLIFT. It’s got nice photos, actually. We don’t always see great photos. – [Brad] Whoa, is that a GEN-Y hitch. – [Fuller] I don’t know let’s see. Yeah, yeah. – [Brad] Oh man I like his hitch. – [Fuller] Nice. Brad’s got a GEN-Y. Look, he’s got the slant
back, razor back type thing. – [Brad] What is that? – [Fuller] That’s a really cool photo where he had the hood open and the hood closed so
now you can see through for his intake. – [Brad] This guy had to have, like, one of the, some of the
best quality pictures on our gallery. – [Fuller] I mean, legitimately. – [Brad] Yeah, like that
one, with the wheel there. – [Fuller] And, like, he’s
got artistic shots too it’s not just, like, cellphone Snapchats. – [Brad] Wow, I’m getting,
he’s getting points just for his photography. – [Fuller] For sure. – [Brad] Quality. – [Fuller] Otherwise, he’s got, like, the hockey stripe on here. I don’t know if those are
aftermarket headlights or the OEM ones ’cause he’s got, like, the LED like switchbacks. – [Brad] Those seem to be, those are. – [Fuller] I’m gonna say aftermarket. – [Brad] Or at least they’re. – Some red paintwork on the grill. All right, I got a number. You got a number?
– Yeah. – Three, two, one, 7.3.
– 5.6. – 5.6.
– 5.6. – Kinda lower than I thought. I went with a 7.3 ’cause I do like a lot about the truck, the
only thing I don’t like is the little, like, slant back thing. – [Brad] The razor back. – [Fuller] Yeah. – [Brad] Whatever you
call it, I don’t know. – [Fuller] Depends where
you’re from what you call it but I’d pull that off and then
I’d give it, like, an 8.4. – [Brad] Is that mudflaps on the back? – [Fuller] Yeah, yeah. – [Brad] Take the mudflaps off, dude. – [Fuller] Just put
mudflaps back on the front and then, you know, balance ‘er out. – The first thing I did with my new truck is I took the mudflaps off. And then the fender flare flew off. – Look at this old school. The ol’ K-10. Fuel Mavericks, 20 by 10, negative 24, 35 Toyos.
– This is my kinda truck. – This is all you. On a six inch Bulletproof because what K10 wouldn’t have a Bulletproof. – [Brad] Wait a minute. I don’t think Bulletproof makes
a lift kit for this truck. – [Fuller] Are you sure. He says so. – [Brad] I feel like Bulletproof doesn’t. I don’t know. Maybe they do, I just
didn’t think they did. Don’t deal with Bulletproof much. – [Fuller] He’s got nice photos, too. Not all of them, but he
definitely has a couple good ones. (sneezes) – Man, this is a nice truck. First you were yawning,
now you’re sneezing. What next, barfing? Only thing I probably
don’t like about this truck is the billet grille. I don’t know, I’m just not. – [Fuller] I think
everybody does that though. – [Brad] It’s just, like,
one of the only few options for aftermarket grilles on those trucks. – [Fuller] Look at this little stripe. – [Brad] It’s a nice little
trim, Silverado trim. – [Fuller] Yeah, I feel like
it should have a black bumper. It would look better. Too much chrome up front, with the billet grille and everything. – I don’t know, I like, I think the chrome looks good on this.
– Okay, number. Number, number, number, number. Three, two, one, 7.1.
– 8.4. – 8.4, 7.1, billet grille just doesn’t really do it for me. I do like the rest of the truck overall and I like, like, it’s
a little more modern, like, looking wheel on a classic truck but I think it, I think it pulls it off. I’d throw some dark tint on there. Maybe tint the taillights
and paint the bumpers black. And I’d do a roll pan on the back, rather than the big bulky bumper. – [Brad] Ah yeah, but like I said, the only thing I would
change would be the grille, I mean, I would rather
have the factory grille, like, painted some nicely.
– Yeah. – Than a billet grille but, what, still a very nice truck. – Wow.
– Ooh, look at this. I keep wanting to swear.
– Look at this (bleep). 2012.
– I’ll be Fuller, look at this frickin’ guy. – [Fuller] Freakin’. – [Brad] Freakin’. – [Fuller] Frickin’. – [Brad] This is a big. – [Fuller] Frackin’. – [Brad] This is a big freaking truck. – [Fuller] Yeah, let’s see what he’s got a for a lift in here. Oh it doesn’t actually tell us. Just says it’s bigger than 12
inches and it’s a Plan B Fab. – [Brad] Bulletproof. – [Fuller] Four link, FOA coilovers, Bulletproof suspension and reservoirs. – [Brad] So clearly, dude,
he has Bulletproof reservoirs on his FOA coilovers, duh. – [Fuller] Hey, we’re not here to judge. This thing’s huge. Two tone. – [Brad] That is, this is. – [Fuller] Lotta people
don’t like two tone. – [Brad] That is too tall
of a truck for my taste. It looks like it’s about to, like, if a strong winds comes through. – [Fuller] I think it looks really good. – [Brad] It’s gonna fall over, I think. Oh, he probably has, does he
have, like, air ride on it? It was squatty. – [Fuller] Oh maybe, well, it
was parked in a boat landing. Yeah, lemme get there, boat landing. I don’t think it’s squatted. – [Brad] Oh yeah, you’re right. – It’s pretty level. American Force Rook, 26 by 16. God, that’s wide, negative 101. Fuel tires, 40 by 15 and a half. Absolutely massive. This is probably 20 plus inches of lift, just based on the other trucks I’ve seen. It’s huge.
– Yep. – Grille, bumpers.
– Quite large. – All right, got a number?
– Yeah. – Three, two, one, nine.
– 6.1. – Nine.
– Nine. – Just needs bigger tires.
– Yeah. – Mean, it has 40s and they’re
15 and a half inches wide but I feel like it could, it
could use some bigger tires. – [Brad] Like some 54s. – [Fuller] Well, that’s a big aggressive. But I love, I love the
color, this brown color with the tan. – [Brad] I do like two tone, I do like the brown. – [Fuller] That actually
looks really nice. – [Brad] I like brown trucks like that. I like that color. – [Fuller] It looks really nice. And it’s clean with the polished wheels. – [Brad] I think trucks when
they’re lifted this much and it just looks like it’s
floating above some wheels and axles, I think, I’m not a fan of that. – [Fuller] Well, and that’s
where I’m sayin’, like, get bigger tires or just
don’t lift it as much ’cause it’s a bit tall. Don’t know if you picked up on that. – Not a good hurricane truck. Not a good hurricane truck.
– Hillybilly Deluxe. – Whoa, look at this rig. I like this.
– Sick pick ’em up trucks. This is a 1996 Ford F150 Fuel Revolvers, the ol’ 15 by 10s on some Maxxis tires. – [Brad] Nice. – [Fuller] Six inch Fabtech
in a three inch body. – [Brad] Some Axis Crawlers. Oh she was a pinker. – [Fuller] Look at that. This reminds me of, like,
a county plow truck. – [Brad] This is probably like an ex, yeah, county vehicle or something. It looks clean. – [Fuller] I kinda like it. – [Brad] It’s a ’96. – [Fuller] Think it’s got a 300 in it? – [Brad] Some OBS. – [Fuller] Think it’s got a 300 in it? – I don’t know, it could. Oh, there’s a video. – Oh, let’s watch it. – 17 minutes. Oh, it’s bedlined.
– Oh, it’s bedlined. All right.
– Yep. – You got a number?
– I don’t watch those videos. – What the heck?
– Yeah, yeah, I got a number. – Three, two, one, eight.
– 8.6. – Yeah, I actually kinda like it. – This is an awesome classic,
clean, off road built. – [Fuller] It’s a good wood runner. – [Brad] Yeah, it’s, and it’s, I think it’s just ’cause
it’s a super clean F150 that it’s nice, you know? Prolly ’cause we’re so used to seeing, everything up here is rotten. – [Fuller] Seeing junk up here, yeah. – [Brad] So, like, when you
see a clean older truck, it’s like, ooh, wow, look at that. That thing is nice. – [Fuller] The only thing
I would do is probably take off a couple of the stickers. – [Brad] It would be, I woulda given it, I woulda bumped ‘er into the nines if she was solid axle swapped ’cause it looks like it’s still runnin’ the torsion beams up front. – Which, is pretty slick though. I like it.
– Still. – And I like that.
– Still a nice truck. – It’s bedlined. It’s cool, it’s cool, I can appreciate it. All right, if you guys.
– I’m sure it’s very slow, though.
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