– What’s going on guys, Fuller
here, from Custom Offsets. Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube, with… Oh, so now this time
you’re not gonna say– – Gotcha!
– But you did last time? – This is Junior. And how…typically we have an episode of from the gallery coming up today– – You told me this was from the gallery. – Well it sort of is. This time, we’re featuring a
handful of our ambassadors. So, the people that have
signed up on the website, https://www.customwheeloffset.com/ambassador, you know, type in all their stuff. And then they basically,
you know earn credit towards products when
they share our stuff. So, we figured we’d shout
a couple of those guys out. So, I’m gonna open up the old Instagram and we’re gonna run through these. – Starting off with
THAT_LEVELED-5.3, Jacob Nichols. This is his truck. See now, I don’t have
like all of the specs in front of me so I can only
say it’s a 14 to 18 Chevy 1500. – [Junior] No, its a 14 to 15. – [Fuller] Oh, okay I suppose because they have the refresh on the front end. – [Fuller] But, yeah we’ll
just scroll through a couple of these pictures and kinda get an idea of what’s going on here. – [Junior] What wheels are those? – [Fuller] I don’t know,
but they’re awesome! Oh, he got the inside painted,
got some exhaust going on. – Is it–
– Oh boy, here we go. – [Junior] I just wanted to just… I thought he was gonna show
his wheels more, maybe not. – [Fuller] No, its exhaust. – [Junior] Okay, I’ve heard of 53 before. (Junior laughs) – [Fuller] Train horns, nice,
interesting, interesting. – [Junior] Why? – We put them on the Arcon
truck, isn’t that you– – Right. Why? No I did not put those on there– – I mean, yeah but its your truck. – No thanks– – It’s the Arcon truck. He’s got some wheel lights. I still can’t figure out what those are. – [Junior] Woah, I think they’re XF’s. Look at the X and the F. – [Fuller] Oh yeah– – [Junior] See, XF, XF. Offroad. – [Fuller] I dig it. All right have you seen
enough for a number? – Yeah. – Can you give it a… Oh God,. oh no. – Did you just kill your Ipad? (Fuller sighs)
Oh good. – Pretend that didn’t happen? – It’s coming now.
– Give it a rating in 3, 2, 1. 8.
– 7. (upbeat rock instrumental music) – When was it 7? Because um, I don’t
like the way that like, the new extended cab looks, ’cause it’s not the full four doors. – [Junior] See, I like it better than the extended cabs that existed before, though. So you’re knocking points off
because of the double cab? – [Fuller] Yeah, that’s true, it does look better than the extended cabs. – [Junior] Yeah, I thought
this was a smart thing for Chevy to do, just to get
out of the extended cab life, and get into like, this. – [Fuller] But otherwise, I do really like those wheels on there, I
think they look pretty sharp. – [Junior] Yeah, I haven’t
seen them very much either, so its not like a super common setup. It looks like he uses
it a little bit, too. – [Fuller] Yeah, and it’s uh… He’s only got like a 3
inch leveling kit on here. And then I would say those look like, what do you think, 12 wides? – 12 wides and 33’s?
– Probably 20, 22s? – [Junior] 22’s and 33’s? – [Fuller] Probably 22’s;
pretty thin sidewall. – [Junior] We’re completely
guessing here, because we don’t have the specs–
– Don’t have the specs! – [Fuller] Um, but I think
it looks pretty sharp. Other than, other than the
whole extended cab thing. – Yeah, you’ll get over it, you’re small. – Oh, nice. (Junior laughs) – Next, Michael Ramirez. The old, the old– – [Junior] What’s his Instagram name? – [Fuller] 16, 16. – [Junior] Is that the name of his truck? 16…
– [Fuller] V…for 16 valve? – [Junior] 16 valve
Barbrajean, Barbrajean? – [Fuller] 12 valve, 24 valve? – [Junior] Is a 16 valve a thing though? – [Fuller] I don’t know. – [Junior] I think you made that up. – [Fuller] It’s what it says, 16 volts. – [Junior] You just got a
bigger capacity battery, yeah. – [Fuller] Extreme mudders,
you don’t see a lot of those. – [Junior] No. – [Fuller] They’re um,
really, really affordable. Especially for like, the sizes you get. – [Junior] Is he reverse leveled? It almost looks like it, huh? – [Fuller] Yeah, fury
country hunter, MT’s, the old foam cannon
shots, decent low stance. Oh his tailgate is all messed up. See how squished in there? – [Junior] Oh. where is he from, Texas?
– Texas. – [Junior] It’s from having the gooseneck. – [Fuller] See he’s got
the big old axle dump? Which is, like, it’s powder coated teal. moose power, tow mirrors, old photos. – [Junior] Hashtag sitting on
the toilet, I forgot that one. – [Fuller] Oh, I wasn’t gonna say it. – [Junior] You can’t tell
if that’s a Cummins or not. Probably 12 wides, 33’s again. – [Fuller] Yeah 20, 20 by 12’s. I would say… He’s got…are those
like, cubes behind the, yeah, behind the grill?
– Yeah, behind the grill. – [Fuller] That’s kind
of interesting placement. Bumper could use a little work. Tail gate could use a little work. The teal axle dump, kinda throws me off, because there’s no other
teal anywhere on the truck. But, to each their own. Got a number for it? – Yeah. Lets do it up. – Okay, 3, 2, 1. 6.
– 6. – Yep, same. I think, uh there’s a couple things that could just be cleaned up on it. And then it would look pretty sharp. He’s got a massive windshield tint strip. – [Junior] Yeah, I was
just looking at that– – [Fuller] It’s huge, so big! – [Junior] Over half the windshield. – It’s like, when Banker put
the giant sticker on my car. It covered up half the windshield. You gotta like, drive like this, ’cause it wasn’t see-through. – Or drive-through ’cause
you didn’t have a top on it. – Yep.
– Drive over, look over- – Yeah. That was the way to go. All right on the the next one. Big sexy F2, do you know of this truck, before I scroll to see it? – [Junior] Not based off…
Yes I know that truck. – [Fuller] Yeah, absolutely massive! – [Junior] I was wondering if it was him or not, I wasn’t sure. – [Fuller] Absolutely
massive, this thing is insane! – [Junior] And he’s a CO ambassador, huh? – [Fuller] Yep. This thing’s just crazy. I mean, grill, light bars,
headlights, wheels, tires, suspension, cab lights, the mirror lights. Like everything has been touched. And I believe they’re 24 by
16’s or something like that. – [Junior] They look like it. – [Fuller] Two piece, and
spacers, if I remember correctly. – Gees–
– He’s got the hood done. I mean just like, every
piece of this truck has been touched, and its all murdered out other than the small
couple of chrome accents, like the badges, mirror caps, door– – [Junior] The wheels
were the Cleavers, right? The chrome, black with chrome? – [Fuller] Yeah. – [Junior] That’s like the
perfect wheel for that truck. – [Fuller] Oh yeah. I think
it just like, goes really well with the theme he’s got going.
– Gees. – [Fuller] I love the
light bar in the bumper, because a lot of times,
people do light bars and they don’t look very clean, but that is how you
accomplish it, really clean. – [Junior] Are those stretched? – Uh… If they’re 16–
– If they’re wides, they’re probably a 15 inch wide– – [Fuller] 15 and a half
inch fury, I would imagine. – Yeah, holy shit!
– Number? – Yeah.
– 3, 2, 1. 10.
– 11. – 11. I can’t find anything wrong
that i don’t like about it, – Wow. other than that I probably
can’t get into it. That’s it. – [Junior] Yup, does he have side steps? – [Fuller] Uh, not that I can tell. It doesn’t look like it, like I don’t see any power steps or anything. – [Junior] Wow.
– Next up, Miami Boosted. – Oh!
– He’s got some XF forged. The compression forged
wheels from XF, and red. Very bright. These headlights too. I believe those are the
Morimoto headlights. Those look so good! The power, like, the F250,
F350 ones and the F150 ones, both look really awesome. – [Junior] And he put the Raptor
grill on the front end too. – [Fuller] Raptor style grill, yeah. – [Junior] Yes. – [Fuller] And then its got a
pink Custom Offsets sticker, which doesn’t necessarily match
with the red wheels, but… – Maybe he’s color blind.
– you know. Those ridge graps.
– Yep. – [Fuller] Most popular tire
ever, couple of sick rollers. Really digging those
headlights and the grill. It just pulls it all together. He had… So this is the new look. But I actually, uh, this guy used to talk to me on Instagram a lot. Gotta look at the old version of it. He had a wrapped this
like, military green. Yeah. – [Junior] Do you have a better
photo than that on though? – [Fuller] No, no. This is the one, with fuels. – [Junior] There’s no more photos? Okay, there’s–
– Yeah, there’s more photos. There’s plenty.
– Wow! It’s like a completely different truck. – [Fuller] Right? Like, it was very… – [Junior] Like theme built, almost. – [Fuller] Yeah, kind of
like utilitarian style, and then now, it’s just
like very show truck. I like the new one better
than old one, I think. Which I didn’t– – [Junior] I like the old one too, though. – [Fuller] Yeah, right,
there’s nothing wrong with it. But, I would have went uh… If I was gonna do a wrap
like that, I don’t think I’d go with quite as wide of wheels. I’d make it more off-road looking. – [Junior] Yeah, go with
like methods or something– – [Fuller] ‘Cause you get
like, the Raptor style grill and everything they had on there, but then still had 12 wides. So I would, yeah, I
would go with a method, smaller size method or
something like that. – I like it.
– So, the new one. We gotta rate that though, mm hm, mm hm. Okay.
– Sure, yup. – 3, 2, 1. 8 and a half.
– 8. – Took off a little bit,
just for the color combo of having like, the pink
sticker and then the red wheels. And then this gray truck, there’s just too many colors going on there for me. – [Junior] I like the gray and red, but the pink sticker just
kind of goes off a little bit. – [Fuller] Honestly, I think I
would put black wheels on it. I know that’s kind of
lame because everyone has black wheels, but, I
think it would look good, and if you wanna keep the
pink sticker then you could. – Well at that point, yeah. – Tyler O’Neal, Megatron 67. Look at that, even says right in his bio, “Brand ambassador for Custom Offsets.” – [Junior] Dang he’s good. – [Fuller] This thing is huge. – Holy–
– Yeah, she’s big. – [Junior] Knowing you can’t get in. – [Fuller] The old Cummins, from Colorado. Don’t worry, I actually know
how to pronounce Colorado. – [Junior] You spelled it wrong. – [Fuller] I spelled it wrong
when I said it out loud? – Yeah.
– Got it. All blacked out, black wheels. – [Junior] This have to be, what, 40’s? – [Fuller] I would imagine so,
they’re huge, they’re huge. – Oh, no no no, like–
– Yeah, here we go. Okay perfect, 10 inch
Long Arm kit from STS. 40 by 15 and a half uh,
open countries from Toyo. And 24 by 14 fuel forged FF12’s. Amp steps.
– He does have amp steps. – [Fuller] Yep. So I can get in it.
– Yeah. Well, maybe, it’s still huge. – [Fuller] Probably not, thing’s a beast. – Okay
– I like it. – Got a number for the massive Ram? – Yeah. – 3, 2, 1. 9.
– 9. – There’s really not a
lot that I can pick on, other than he flipped his tow mirrors up. (Junior laughs)
He doesn’t have a trailer. – [Fuller] So we can give
him some crap for that. – [Junior] But look at
him standing under it. – Yeah.
– The mirrors huge, huge! – [Fuller] I don’t know how tall he is, but I’m sure I would maybe
come up to where the wheel is. (Junior laughs)
– Two feet tall? – [Fuller] Yup. Closing it out Frankie. What is this a second gen? Move bumper on the old, the old Dodge. Second gen 2500, Cummins. – It is a Cummins?
– Yep. – [Fuller] Gotta scroll
through the dog pictures to find more truck pictures. Headlights, tint, windshield
brow, extended cab. – [Junior] More dog pictures
in the truck though. – [Fuller] Yeah, I can
get on board with that. Oh here’s a video, what do we have? Oh a Tik Tok. ♪ What sup man! ♪ ♪ What sup man! ♪ It’s in pretty decent
shape, at least based on what we can see. – [Junior] Is that a Pearl paint job? – [Fuller] I don’t know,
I don’t know if it’s just like that way in the video,
or if it’s actually pearl. If it is pearl that’s pretty sweet. – I guess it kind of looks like pearl– – I think it is
– In this photo too. – Number for it? – Yep. – 3, 2, 1. 7.
– 6. It needs like, some 12 wides or 14 wides. – Yeah. I could see it, and
I was actually talking to her and she was saying that
that’s like in the works. She wants new wheels and
tires, probably go bigger. I think, if you’re gonna do a second gen, keep it as low as possible,
really, really wide. They look really mean
then, ’cause they have those thin headlights,
and then you could keep like that like squatted
bulldog look, I think you could pull off a pretty decent
build on a second gen. – Definitely. – So, those are some of the ambassadors from the ambassador list,
I guess you could say. Like I said, we usually
do it from the gallery. I figured we’d throw these
guys in here for yah. So, if you guys are interested
in signing up for it, you
https://www.customwheeloffset.com/ambassador. Basically, if you’ve got a
big social media following, and you’d like to be cool on the internet, we’d like to be cool
with you on the internet. That’s a pretty good summary
without getting too (mumbles). If you have any questions on
it just check out the website https://www.customwheeloffset.com/ambassador. Like I said, otherwise our
normal scheduled program will be from the gallery. You can use gallery to figure
out what fits your truck. That’s what I’d usually spiel, but I don’t have to tell you that now. (mouse clicks) – Subscribe YouTube.com/customoffsetsTV. – Peace. (upbeat techno music)