Hey Roy Young here with YPA Public
Adjusters, we’re standing in front of an O’Reilly Auto Parts in Panama City and as you can see there is insulation everywhere, it almost looks like it snowed. It’s going to be critical for a business owner such as this O’Reily Auto Parts to be prepared and to be very well organized
for his claim to be settled accurately. Obviously he’s going to get the limits
for his structure but as a business owner your concern should be your
business interruption and your inventory and all the other pockets of coverage
that might prove to be difficult to document so our suggestion for a
building owner that went through this type of damage is to stay
very well organized get your inventory together make sure you take plenty of
photos of your inventory and separate those out into folders such as you know
your storage area in the building or your retail area or wherever those items
are located it’s important that you keep your photos stored and organized
well so that when you go to have discussions with your with your
insurance company it’s easy to access those pockets where your inventory was sitting There are some other buildings here like the Dollar General, this may not be a total loss but they have substantial structural damages and that’s gonna require a much more thorough investigation than the O’Reilly’s
building over here that’s just completely destroyed when you look at
the Cube Smart building over here here you can see that the roof is collapsed in and this building is probably gonna
be a little bit of a mix when the insurance company comes out there they
may or may not total the entire building unlike the O’Reilly’s where they’re probably going to total that and
the Dollar General where there’s might be a lot of salvage to the structure.
This one could be a mix where some of it is no salvageable and some of it is salvageable so this if going to be very similar to the Dollar General Store over here where
you’re going to have to be very proactive in documenting the structural
damage to make sure that there’s nothing missed there could be water damage
tucked away in different parts of the building or you could have some
structural damage that you can’t see some framing members that are twisted
or no longer aligned. so that’s just that’s just a really quick sample of
three buildings one that’s an obvious total one with a little bit less
structural damage one that’s kind of a mix but if you need any tips or advice
on how to hand your claim please reach out to YPA Public Adjusters and we’ll
help you out the best we can. Than You!