Do you require a visa for your
long term stay in Germany or Europe? Then you need a travel insurance
which not only suits your needs, but also complies with the regulations set by
embassies, consulates and immigration offices. PROVISIT offers comprehensive
cover including travel health insurance, travel accident insurance, personal liability insurance as well as insurance in the case of deportation. PROVISIT customers can flexibly plan their stay abroad and travel without any worries to Germany and all other countries of the European Union. When we confirm your insurance policy, you’ll receive a doctor’s information ticket. If you bring this ticket with you
during your visit to the doctor or hospital, they can often settle the bill directly with us.
So you don’t have to pay the cost of treatment upfront. You only pay for the actual insurance period. If you travel back to your home country earlier than expected, we will refund the difference. PROVISIT is suitable for foreign guests
up to the age of 69 who wish to spend a maximum of two years abroad.