Large fry, comin right up. Hey! Hey! Look what I’m in, Mmmm hmmmm, a food truck! Small hot dog please. Comin right up. Hey you’re missing a shoe, you’ve been hanging around Cinderella too long. Are you still hungry dolly? I bet you are! Here’s a large hot dog! Small french fries please. Small french fries, comin right up! Are you still hungry dolly? I have a large french fry. Mmmm hmmmm Here they come! One Two Three Four Five Ahh! I fell in the box! Oh I gotta get out of here. Oh, there we go, that’s better. A small banana please. One small banana, comin right up! Time to peel the banana! Woah! What is going on? Oh no! That’s not good! One second. There we go, I found a cat-free banana. Mmmm nom nom nom nom nom Cheesy puffs please. Would you like to super-size that? I knew you would. One extra extra extra extra large cheesy puffs. Peek-a-boo! May I have some fruit please? Here’s a small kiwi. I know, dolly’s still hungry, aren’t you. Here’s a large kiwi. Still hungry, aren’t you dolly? Here’s a watermelon. And an orange. Eat up little dolly. Did I hear somebody say lime? Ok I’m full now. Ok, here’s a grapefruit. May I have some vegetables please? Sure, here’s a little peas. Here’s some medium peas. And here are some large peas, mmm hmmm Thanks for playing food truck with me. Don’t forget to subscribe. See ya next time.