Patriot Life is a division of Frankenmuth Insurance up in Frankenmuth, Michigan. We knew that we needed to have a great deal of flexibility and we had to really look for the future of what we were gonna build and so we did an extensive search and rebuilt our entire process from customer initial contact to applications to underwriting to our back end processes Sapiens, at the time LifeSuite (now UnderwritingPro) really stood out in that marketplace. The whole idea with UnderwritingPro that you can automate your workflows that you can make the connections that you need to make without having to go outside of the system without having to worry about follow-ups, without having to do that at it’s base level, UnderwritingPro does that really really well. But we also looked very much to the future and all the underwriting trends that you see now we were looking at in 2013 and wanting to make sure that we had a platform that we could build forward on and a platform that then allowed us to do things like straight-through processing. and the rules engine recognition inside of UnderwritingPro This is the core part of UnderwritingPro. The ability to be able to say that’s where this case is, that case is not buried that case is not sitting, for those of us that are older underwriters and we understand the old paper files, this is of course light years from that. But what we’re seeing now is the next movement the next forward generation of speed, speed to issue. You get to know them after a while, but I think a lot of it was the people. UnderwritingPro has a very strong user committee, we meet twice a year and there’s a lot of communication in between and there’s a lot of unity of direction between our individual company, the UnderwritingPro user community and then also the UnderwritingPro leadership team. We also have a lot planned for UnderwritingPro and we’re doing some really innovative things to extend the platform. And one of the reasons that we’re doing that is because we have this asset, we have UndewritingPro on the books as an asset and it looks like it’s going to be a great partnership.