Welcome to the car park it’s open 7 days a week 24 hours a day anything can happen Right now what’s happening Is this bloke is trying to get out of the back of his truck And it isn’t easy It’s a mental and physical challenge. You need to think this shit through One side of his brain is encouraging It’s saying “you can do this, you’re the man. You’re like fucking Sylvester Stallone in cliffhanger” Who doesn’t love that movie That’s what you look like “you’re a bloody bad-ass you’re confident” “You’re a highly skilled climber” “You could run your own Mount Everest to a company” “Get the Sherpas involved” But then the other side of his brain is like” Alright, nah nah nah, wait wait wait wait wait” “Back this shit up fucking back this shit up” “Look how high you are” “This is deadly” And now he looks a bit stuck. Thank fuck that tire is holding him up. Okay. What’s he gonna do? He’s creeping back over the edge slow and steady He does need to keep momentum going though. He’s just using up energy staying like this He looks like a fucking frog on a window Jeez he needs help Someone needs to intervene and give him a hand What’s wrong with the human race? If I was in the car park I’d at least go stand near him and yell motivational phrases Maybe give him a fucking glass of water Every athlete deserves water Ask him if he wants a Powerade A protein bar, shit fuck I don’t know something Okay here he goes again come on mate you can do this Take a risk Take a risk yeah there it is Let’s see if he can stick the landing. No no he fucked it He fucked it up the ass big time. That’s okay, he’s a few steps closer To being able to get behind the wheel Of course we don’t want anyone who’s Intoxicated or impaired to drive But we’re not gonna stop them. It’s better to watch and film them these days Oh, yeah now he’s gonna get the door open, he’s done it. He’s on a bloody winning streak now. Yeah yeah, I don’t know why people won’t help him. I guess everyone sees the fluro jacket and assumes he’s a capable man He’s got it under control But not every bloke in a high-vis jacket is as capable as he is Look at that flexibility Keeping the door open with his leg, Shit. He’s got strength, stamina, Flexibility He’s the whole fucking package isn’t he? Anyway I think we are heading into the third act This video is definitely climaxing He’s gonna make it and he’s not just gonna crawl into the cabin He’s gonna turn it into a fucking stunt Look at that. He thinks he’s Jack Sparrow (Pirates of The caribbean theme song) Come on you can do it mate, push, push off there And fling yourself back get some speed then let go and launch yourself gracefully into the cabin. I see what he’s trying to do He’s thinking now, he is switched on he is switched on yeah, there you go Who’s she? Come on now push out and then fucking fly in and let go now let go now Yeah he’s done it. He’s done it Hit the showers everyone Sensational haha Fuck I hope he’s lost his keys