Your garage is struck by lightning; a
fire starts and it quickly spreads. In just moments there’s significant damage.
That’s why we have insurance right? An insurance policy can help with repairing
your cars, your boat, your motorcycle, your home, but here’s the problem all
insurance policies are not created equal. With many insurance companies you need to file separate claims and with that come separate deductibles for each and
every piece of damaged property. The EncompassOne Policy solves that problem. It offers just one annual policy, just one deductible applied to the damaged
property covered under your policy and EncompassOne is a benefit rich package
policy that offers simplicity and convenience. Insurance with Encompass is an easy way to protect you and your lifestyle. The EncompassOne Policy, one bill, one deductible, one annual renewal date from
one trusted advisor. Hit the power of one on your side to help you feel more
secure in an unexpected situation. Discover the EncompassOne Package Policy and how it can help protect what’s important to you. Ask whether an
EncompassOne Policy is right for you.