Hi guys, in this video we are going
to demonstrate How to unstuck a stuck car in the sand But first of all, we are going to
get this car stuck And we’re going to show you
the steps of How to get unstuck First, keep the hood opened and keep
the car on And in this way, you can
keep your engine cooled down First of all, you have to deflate your
tires a little bit Um There is two ways, it’s either using
a sharp object Or by this device It’s easier by this device Because it can take you around
let’s say 20 seconds to 30 seconds and You have to be in the range of between
15 PSI to 20 PSI That’s a way of deflating the tires, and
the second way is by A sharp object The difficult part is that It will take you around 100 seconds To reach to 15 or 20 PSI After deflating all 4 tires, you want to
close the hood And get back to your car First step is you have to put your
gear on Neutral And put it at 4Lo And if you have a differential lock Turn that on Second of all You have to put it in first gear The basic steps are Turning the steering wheel left and right And keep your RPM at around
1500 to 1000 Tires must be moving really slow Remember to keep your RPM at
low ranges Turn the steering wheel left and
and right slowly And that’s how you get your car unstuck And let us show you how bad it was Have a great day and thanks for watching!