[Rock Music]
This Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! [Rock Music]
Is the event that will grip the entire world. [Explosion] [Rock Music]
As Walmart & The UN Security Council proudly presents: [Rock Music]
Donald Trump [Explosion] is going head to head with Kim Jong-un- [Explosion] [Rock Music]
-and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. [Rock Music]
In a match up that will light the world on FIRE! [Explosion] [Rock Music]
Watch your family and friends get evaporated into carbon- [Rock Music]
-and the rest of humanity’s skin falls off from radiation poisoning. [Rock Music]
While society descends into a mad game of Fallout! [Rock Music]
As a global superpower goes toe to toe against a plucky underdog. [Rock Music]
In what critics are dubbing the nuclear winter of our discontent! [Rock Music]
Featuring special appearances from your favorite governments and institutions including: [Rock Music]
China! [Rock Music]
NATO! [Rock Music]
Russia! [Rock Music]
And many more! [Rock Music]
Get your tickets to a fallout shelter now for- [Rock Music]
This Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! [Explosion] [Rock Music]