– When it comes to deciding
exactly what you want to do with your new truck,
the options can seem kind of daunting. With all the different
lift kits, and millions of wheel and tire packages,
choosing the style that you want for your truck
can seem nearly impossible. I’m Fuller from Custom
Offsets, and today we’re going to break down some of the
most popular truck build themes that we see. (heavy beat music) So, if you’re one of those
faithful subscribers, don’t click off just
yet because this isn’t the same video we just made awhile back about the four types of truck builds. If you haven’t seen that
one, go check it out. But for this one, we’re
covering all the trendy options to make your vehicle best in show. To kick things off, we’re
going to start with what I call the Pop of Color style. Literally, you can take
just about any truck out there, paint to match
just about everything on it, throw on some dark tint,
pick up some chrome or polished wheels,
choose any lift you want, and add just one bright accent color. I’ve seen this done on
everything from Rangers to Super Duties, and it always looks good, but there is one super important part. To pull it off, you want to go with the widest wheels you can. Even if it means sacrificing a little bit of turning radius, or
having to trim your truck When you keep it low and wide
it really set off the look and it just takes it to the next level, the show truck look that you’re going for. One of my favorite builds
in the gallery is actually this silver 2015 F-250 that’s
got some of the suspension finished in this crazy
bright green chrome. I think the reason I enjoy it so much is because it just really stands out. Not only if you’re just
going through the gallery, but in person too it
just catches your eye. And typically, a silver
truck isn’t going to do that. It’s just not an exciting color. Now, he went with Fuel
Forged wheels, and a lot of guys do the forged
route, American Force, Specialty Forged, or any of those guys. But if you don’t want to
spend all the money on wheels, you can still pull this look
off with cast wheels, too, like the tS 544 in chrome
is a great example, or just about any Hostile wheel
will achieve the same thing. Even some of the smaller
brands, like Tuff, with the T2A. That will looks really similar to some of the forged ones, but
doesn’t cost nearly as much. Another one I really like
is this ’15 F-150 Platinum that followed same the recipe. Whiteout everything, just
nice, wide, polished wheels, and then just a little
bit of red on the lift, some bumper accent pieces,
and then the tailgate. It works on older trucks, too. I was checking out some
photos of an ’05 GMC 1500 that’s got the bumpers and grille and everything painted to match. Big, wide, RBP forged wheels,
and then just a little bit of teal to give it some
color, and you’re good to go. Next, of course, we had to
mention the Murdered Out look. This has been around forever, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. As much as people talk (bleep) about, “Oh look, another blacked out Silverado.” It really is a simple style
that takes the guesswork out of planning what to do with new parts. Even a lot of the OE manufacturers
are offering blackout packages right from the factory. So Chevy has the Midnight
Edition trucks that come with black wheels, and black bumpers, black grills, and you can
get blacked out emblems. And it’s good to go right off the bat. 99% of lift kits come
black from the factory, too, so you don’t have to
worry about painting that. And I can’t say I’ve ever
seen a tire that wasn’t black, so, that makes that part pretty easy. And when it comes to
wheels, it’s actually a bit harder than you might imagine to find an all black wheel, since so many companies are adding rivets, or milling. We’ve actually made a video on all the top five all black wheels. So, if you’re going to go
for a true blackout theme, you got to go all black. That way, when you hastag
all black everything on Instagram, you won’t have
the one guy that’s like, “Yeah, except for the
milling on the wheels “and the lug nuts and your hitch pin.” Because those people exist
and they will find you. – Boy, I’m really liking the
color scheme of this wall. – On the opposite end,
you’ve got the whiteout, which I know I don’t need to explain, but just like we did with
CO2, you can either wrap or paint everything on the truck white. Now, keep in mind, if you love this look, you’re going to want to be prepared to put some hours into detailing. White trucks seem to
get dirty really fast. And if you take it as far as we did, you’ll see that the
lift, the brake calipers, and everything else
underneath the truck can quickly collect noticeable grim. But, if you want to talk
about a clean build, I think whiteout is probably
the definition of it. You’ve got to slap some dark tent on it for that contrast, and then again it’s all about big, shiny
wheels, polished or chrome, and in the biggest size you can fit. We went with 26×14 Arkon Lincolns on CO2, which is our 2015 2500 HD. And all the chrome and all
the whiteout in the sun, it just reflects like crazy. It’s basically the truck equivalent to the big diamond on someone’s finger four tables over that your
girlfriend goes crazy over. Lastly, we’ve got the guys
that aren’t afraid to go bold. When it comes to running colored wheels, 2019 has been the year
that we’ve seen more of this than ever before. In comparison to the price
of wheels themselves, you can usually find a local powder coater to do your wheels for
cheap, and almost guarantee that literally no one
else, anywhere in the world has the same finish. If you don’t want to
go through the hassle, or wait for powder coating to be done, there are becoming more and
more companies out there that are actually offering
these custom looking colors straight from factory. You can get the color wheels
right from their stock. Arkon has the red Crown
Series that’s been popular. XD has the new red XD 844
Pike, Axe has some red compression forged wheels,
and there’s even some blue options out there from
Fuel and American Off-Road. The stock options aren’t
nearly as vast as when you choose to do powder coating, but they’re still out there. If you want orange or
purple or lime green, that’s something your local powder coater can definitely get done for you. I think some of this has kind
of come from the car scene, as those guys with their slanty wheels (cough) Fitment Industries. Those are all the builds
we’ve got for you guys. Let us know down below if we missed any or what builds you guys are running. As always, if you need any wheels, tires, or suspension for these
builds, or your own crazy build idea, you can
hit up customoffsets.com. We’re stoked to keep supplying these parts to you guys as long as
the builds keep coming. We love to see them. Peace.