we have shark creek here in the moat and
we have measure X in the mohara yes the exterminator
oh they’re battling it out oh my goodness oh my goodness he is an
undefeated champion who’s next then he’s got a mean nasty teeth hair now to dig
up the prize we are surprised dad it’s a helicopter rescue boat somebody help
ah I think somebody’s in trouble out there it come on let’s go rescue him
here comes it anywhere oh just in time oh no the dogs peeing on our toes err oh I’ve made it filling up the moat
look out shark reach the gas station welcome to the show you guys so today
we have a really cool show this is so cool we have a most going on here around
the prize castle and the Avenger is defending his surprise that’s underneath
the sand there and we have shark creek here in the moat and we have measure X
in the moat ah he looks means at me who else do we have here
crustacean there and then we have yes the exterminator
ha ha ha and fairy tells you guys there’s castles and moats and alligators
inside of them but we got sharks and our moats and lobsters and the other
crustacean crushed station ha ha ha and actual over here has the destroyer and
gravedigger and any 888 police here and he is going to use them to defeat ha all
of these monster trucks if he can I don’t know to get to the prize
underneath than the prizes a toy right ha ha all right bro are you ready who’s
up first to try to defeat them any a police all right go after it any a
police let’s see it with you oh no he’s falling uh-oh what’s gonna happen what’s
gonna happen Oh No hey creators getting him oh my goodness
always creeping up behind him oh yeah and the exterminator is defeated
who’s next who’s next oh it’s crush station versus any a
police who will defeat who oh they’re battling it off oh my goodness Oh what
is happening his tires but oh my goodness you guys this is looking bad oh
but he got up even with pop tires and defeated the crustacean is he defeated
yeah okay oh my goodness he is an undefeated champion who’s next then
thanking a gravedigger you guys oh man what is great you’re gonna do whose
grave does gonna get first let’s see oh man let it look out for soccer
yeah this is crazy guys oh sure Creek is defeated man gravedigger is on a roll
he’s getting crustacean now the blue crustacean Oh No Christine has the upper
wheel oh he’s got it oh they both defeated oh my goodness you guys it’s a
double knockout ha ha ha oh man what’s a good thing you got the destroyer left
will the destroyer destroy I don’t know oh my goodness but it’s mega Rex he’s up
against you guys mega Rex looks pretty tough he’s got this mean nasty teeth
hair look out destroy they’ll pop your tires let’s see what happens
sorry questions teeth sorry broke his teeth off oh my goodness they’re just
free me just pop pop pop pop oh my goodness all of mega red says what all
of mega exercises are pop you guys I can’t believe it they still go in the
colors he’s gotta have a power you guys oh my god this is one crazy dinosaur oh
they’re battling it all man oh yeah oh he got it man that was an epic battle
you guys all right reg reg sorry you’ve been defeated oh man but there’s one
left the Avenger what is going to happen here oh man he’s doing a sneak attack
nice and slow oh oh boy is he’s napping is he taking a nap or something Avenger
is taking a nap you guys how unfortunate the suspense is killing me oh man he
woke up really quickly you guys oh this isn’t crazy banner oh he’s still
got that what’s crazy dude you seem to enjoy that look all right you guys
everyone has been defeated and now to dig up the prize who’s gonna dig it up
the destroy all right destroyer let’s see you destroy that mound of sand and
get to your prize cardboard already oh yes look already ha
ha go at it man go at it dig it out dig it out ha ha
looks like you’re just compacting it you sure you don’t need to excavator or
something do you need some help there hey maybe any a please could help you ok
aren’t you guys anyway police is gonna help him yeah yeah usually don’t let em
in and we’re getting there working there yeah there’s more cardboard get it out
Wow rah rah rah oh man look looks like it’s an Amazon
box what do you know Amazon before what you could do it oh oh okay I’ll help you
ah it’s too heavy I can’t we have to dig it out more
keep digging ah yeah we have aa surprise yes haha open
it up open it up what is it mom it’s a helicopter rescue boat yeah what else
yeah thank you and two new boats with little duckie captains haha there’s a
blue one it agree like dude so do you remember the show we did here a year ago
you guys we did a show here in San Diego a year ago with these little boats and
then we gave them to our cousins so now that we’re back we’re gonna get some
more votes this time we’re not going to give them away though we’re gonna bring
him home so we can like play with him of the bathtub and at the lake whenever the
summer oh my gosh you’re right it is a bear
alright bro let’s open it up come on oh there it goes
there’s a boat and a rescue helicopter dude let’s see let’s see yes it really
spins read it awesome oh my gosh dude that is super cool man oh thank you
destroyer for digging me out oh it’s gonna be stuck in that box forever I
thought huh man Thank You Kathleen oh yeah I’m not a gasoline cats I’m oh
thank you man what a nice monster trucks you’re my hero thank you
I’ll feel not ready to go hey bro do you want to reenact a special rescue mission
with this thing yes okay are you guys we’re gonna do a rescue mission with
this helicopter and these little boats open them up come on
alright bro before we do the rescue mission open up those boxes okay there
you go all right you gonna be in there and then
this little ducky guy is gonna be an air poet yeah rip it open ah
oh hey river look at these new little boats me good Oh rivers here hey river
if you like the new boat is that cool rippin over I’ll rub nice you got it bro dude Hey look we got
one vote for you and I’m vote for rivers hey maybe when we go home
you two can play in the bathtub with them these are perfect bathtubs Lloyd’s
here Kanishka dear hey bear pilot I wonder if anybody’s gonna call for an
emergency I’m getting bored in this boat I’m just floating around this pond here
oh there’s a call help helper stuck in mud we’re sinking help help help I hope
we got get out we’re stuck in the mud the tide went out and we speaking
helpers oh did you hear that man there’s an
emergency are you gonna go help them hi all right take off I’ll stay here wait
dude oh no they’re about back in you’re
flying backwards yeah I jacked my bow to your bow okay thank you so much for rescuing us whoo you guys Tara here I’m going to get the
other guy Oh Ella risky luck off your concerns to me Hey look look there’s two real
helicopters right there I don’t know if you can see them ha ha that’s so cool we
got a rescue helicopter and there’s two real helicopters flying by Dannemann al
got Verizon’s and dosa he’s operating the dump truck out back in helicopters
there’s a ferry boat to rescue come on how are you gonna list it five over here
variable Oh thank you so much dude that was so
awesome that was so cool these are so cool you guys you want to do another
rescue okay all right we’re gonna do another rescue now ha ha ha ha all right
you guys I’m going out to be honest all right have fun sailing see you later
be careful out there all right later gah oh that was a big wave man I’m still
wah somebody help me somebody anybody rescue helicopter Wow
ah axle hurt his lip you guys let me see it the bleeding still oh we got a little
NIT bust so I’m gonna have to do the voices for the guys hey is that a call
for help I think somebody’s in trouble out there it’s sounds like little green
sailboat come on let’s go rescue him go go go go go rescue mission going on somebody help ah
the waves are pattering me oh please help me
help oh no the bear fell out hurry before another wave comes here comes
another way ah he got us over again rescue rescue um the wave is coming it’s
coming it’s coming here comes another wave oh just in time
Go Go bring a bit to the little pond go go go oh and the rescue is complete but we’re
out of water dnews Alice Austinites work the hurry
the camera hit him we were trying to film the rescue and the camera hit his
lip let me see is it bleeding really bad
don’t see a man it’s not that bad but it still stings oh right yeah do that
ha ha ha oh yeah okay so are you guys we’re done with that show we’re about to
do another show where we use this Stampede 4×4 tractus monster truck and
other monster truck so we’re gonna go on an adventure on the cliffs here in San
Diego all right well you guys get out use your imagination and creative ways
to live your life and love everyone around you even dogs yeah oh no the dogs peeing on our dozer he’s
peeing on the oh oh the dozers gonna have to take a bath in the ocean now hey
go don’t you watch all that dogs he off ah oh man oh it’s gross alright you guys
no matter what you have no matter where you are you can have fun just like we
just use your imagination we’ll see you later bye all right bro you ready all
right guys we’re done filming axle shows but we’re gonna do a little bit of fun
stuff with the Traxxas Stampede 4×4 monster truck here are you ready we’re
gonna try to jump it over this ramp and clear all these construction trucks here
alright bro give it a try bag white I give a try now going over
the crashed into the last subject okay try to get that was really close and
again you gotta made it is pushing the box around dubbed over there they go Oh Mayday that was so cool dude it made it
landed on the dumb track but it still kept going whoa Oh careful well back over here haha whoo very try
to push big dog it tries to jump off falls off it over all right try it one
more time see if we can clear the whole thing oh those clothes there you guys
one more try it made it dude all right now he’s gonna
push this little dojo just push it off for the deuces ha ha ha oh that was a
long time oh my gosh you guys this sunset is so gorgeous it’s amazing we’re
gonna be so sad all right now we’re gonna see if the
truck will go all the way up this colder right here the storm drain let’s see it
go all the way up all right she’s gonna go down whoo